2016 - Let's dive in...

2016 - Let's dive in. Most people are starting the year, with what they are going to DO differently. Let's just call that "technology" oriented. "What are you going to do differently, with what you have." - - Here's the problem with that.

If you are living by the same PHILOSOPHIES that you did before - you will stay at the same level you have been at. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want change, growth or total transformation - starting with what you DO isn't really all that effective. Instead - start here - with who you are - how you are - in the world. Let's call that PHILOSOPHY.

(Side note: This might be the most important post you read from us....

Philosophy Before Technology - Mr Twenty Twenty Copyright 2016 - All Rights Reserved

When my life works, I find that I am living by philosophies that work.

These philosophies drive my technologies. They make me happy, healthy and effective.

Neville lived by a philosophy that worked, “Imagining Creates Reality.”

The technology that that philosophy drives is “Feel It Real”.

Notice the philosophy - makes an assumption - and tells you how what life is all about.

The technology is HOW to do it.

Since 2012, we have TOTALLY streamlined and systemiized our philosophies, here are 3 of them.

You already met, “imagining creates reality”. We believe this so much - that we named our business after it.

And we know, if there is a problem or if there is a possibility that we want to take action on - IMAGINING CREATES REALITY drives all that we do.


Our next philosophy is “be loving - be kind”.

When an email comes in, or when we are working with clients, or when we are writing articles or materials for workshops, after “imagining creates” being factored in, be loving and be kind” are next.

We’ve been told many times, that our love and that our kindness SHOWS in all we do. In our emails, in our photos. In our silly periscope videos. As you can see, it’s there.


Our next philosophy is “be honest”.

Being honest has me tell you about manifesting my old Volkswagen breaking down, to move me toward my next car, for Emmett.

Being honest has me reveal that like Neville, I am still 100% human, while noticing I am 100% divine. Noticing in the moment that we are “one with God”, doesn’t make life all unicorns and rainbows. And it doesn’t remove the “ups and downs”. Neville taught and we agree, The Law (manifesting) can give you what you want in life, while smoothing out the speed bumps. There will be speed bumps, so use the tools in the Neville Goddard Toolbox to deal with them, while creating the life you love.

Being honest also has us share what we have experienced with people who deal with other LOA philosophies, the ones that imply you aren’t one with God, the ones that will tempt you to stay asleep to what you really are. We’ve seen the damage channelled teachings do to people, and we are honest about that.

Being honest is about being REAL.

Our next philosophy is….

“Be Real.”

Those two might sound the same, but they aren’t. But like the others, they build on each other.

Be Real has us simply BE US in front of the camera, in our articles, in our seminars and coaching calls.

You get to see us raw, unedited. Editing slows down the creative flow, when writing. Editing your life, so that you “look good” and so that you “get other people to like or approve of you” - seems to slow down - the creative power - that you are.

it also blocks the wisdom too.

The wisest elders I have had in my life, NEVER knew exactly what there we going to say or where it was going to go. They got to discover “the wisdom” they were living and being - in the moment. They were as transformed by “the living wisdom” that they are, as those around them were. None of them claimed to be getting downloads or stuff from another dimension. All three of them, SIMPLY NOTICED more and more - in the moment - and rejoiced in their discoveries - again and again.

This kind of wisdom - allowed them to giggle at their foolishness - to share it freely - while discovering their wisdom. They got to share and to be 100% human and 100% divine, while teaching, healing and giving.

So let’s end this bit with….

How do YOU discover your philosophies?

We’d suggest keeping it VERY VERY SIMPLE.

Anything more than 5 words - per philosophy - makes it a manifesto. We’re not interested in anything that complicated. Notice our key philosophies again, shared here:

  1. Imagining Creates Reality.
  2. Be loving. Be kind.
  3. Be honest.
  4. Be real.

Other philosophies of ours include:

Protect your people. Exponential growth. Seek to simplify. Seek to systemise. Love your soil. Invest not spend. Give and revive.

Thank you.❤️

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Twenty, I wish I were looking at you on skype right this very moment as I finish reading this. Tears, of expansion. Yesness. Gratitude. I love you brother. I started my day, this new year, with you guys reading and scoping - and I am ending with you, now, as I close for a meditative session to feel it real. Thank you. One of the best things you ever wrote. Happy. New. Year.

And we are just getting started with 2016..... Pouring.... On... The.... Gas....?

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Love the philosophies you have developed and was never a fan of the whole "New Years" philosophy. In fact, I believe the Gregorian Calendar it to be a Christian Fiscal calendar only. So if you goal is to pay less taxes or have a greater income then rock on... otherwise it's just another moment in time & space.

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Humanism with mirroring philosophies of Buddhism here, Thank you.

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Beautiful and just what I need to hear as I begin delivering my podcasts.

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Is there a link to this outside of the group? I'd love to share this!

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