A HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY SPEECH (a literary speech written by an...

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY SPEECH (a literary speech written by an unknown author as birthday gift to a birthday celebrant)

Good evening to everyone!

Thank you for being here with me on my birthday. I feel blessed that I am with my family, my friends, and special guests today; and I appreciate your kindness because your presence is already a gift on my birthday. Let us enjoy this day of celebration.

First of all I thank my mother and father, because through their union that I am here today – born alive and blessed to appreciate the beauty of life. They are good parents for their love and care, and I appreciate the wisdom they taught me to care for our life.

I thank my mother that she chose that I would be born, that I was nurtured in her womb, that she endured pains in delivering me as her baby, and that I was cared for as a newly born baby, and raised responsibly as a child – as my first experience of Mother’s Love.

I thank my father that he cared for my mother when she was pregnant while I was in her womb; and responsibly caring for a woman in need, and saved a needy life like that of an unborn - as my first experience of Father’s Love. Mom and dad are my true heroes.

They carried me affectionately in their arms as my first experience of Family love; and fed me with nutritious foods, and ensured that all my basic needs were met. Truly how beautiful it is to feel the beauty of Parental Love among one’s own parents so blessed.

I thank my siblings (my sisters and brothers), my relatives (my grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, nephews & nieces), and guardians; because as I grew I feel blessed to be part of a larger generous family group - as my first experience of Family Clan Love.

I thank my friends whom I met in the neighborhood, family friends, friends I met in my school, friends I met at work, and friends who helped me become a better loving person. Because their friendship made me feel blessed to experience Friendship Love.

And I thank all the families who have shared their family love unto one another – beyond friendship, but a social responsibility that all families must be cared for and loved dearly. And in that union I feel blessed to experience Family Community Love.

Beyond world organizations of nations, governments, departments, religions, and other groups that may have classified people with various objectives and goals to accomplish; but I feel blessed to learn that Human Love is what truly makes us a valuable people.

We are all humans in this life, and we all grow through love. We all need one another so we must always see one another as co-equals. We are no better than another because we all have the same needs to be happy, to stay healthy, to grow, and to care for all.

We humans may always be in search of becoming perfect beings, thought to find it in complicating the world - that resulted in division, dislikes, competition, and wars; but virtues of understanding, unity, kindness, charity, and forgiveness reconciles us all.

We humans may always be in search for happiness, thought to find it in the worldliness of gaining more money, incomes, things to own, power to decide, and resources to control – but appreciating Mother Nature for everyone’s equal benefit protects our life.

I am but human – and my life may have contributed and still contributing to a world that disadvantages others – but I still hold on to that quest in finding the truth of how all of us can repair whatever lack of strength we all require to save the beauty of all the families.

We are human, but I believe that we can altogether find that truth as a family; because love exists within us, among us, and surrounds us – as we rather admire the living things that nurture us, all life where we belong to, and aware we’re alive by doing so.

And in the unity of all the families among all family clans, all neighborhoods, all family communities, all villages, and all regions – where we further connect to all the families to share our family love, as our contribution to Humanity Love as our family and home.

Even if we as a family may have differences by gender, age, economic status, health, educational status, intelligence, skills, work, nationality, religions, and moral beliefs – but in uplifting our ideals for the common good of all life is what truly makes us reborn.

Our rebirth found not merely on school education of graduating from a required world system to receive certificates and diplomas to get a higher paying job for employment – but rather, our rebirth on learning the just knowledge of what can truly saves us all.

And in this light that I am glad that this spirit of salvation exists among us all people – that I share my birthday to all of you as my siblings belonging to humanity as my family. For my birthday wishes includes all of us for a wish of a more loving peaceful humanity.

I hope for all people, that humanity would fulfill one’s happiness in the glory of Family Love, as the unity of all families; then fulfilling the glory of Humanity Love, as the unity of all people. And as we fulfill this love daily in our life that everyday shall be our birthday.

May everyone have more birthdays to come, may all families have more love to share, may all humanity have more family love to celebrate; and I wish everyone the best in love. May there be more family reunions and family-get-together events such as this.

Thank you for listening, and let us enjoy the birthday party and celebrate our life. Please do enjoy the food, drinks, music, and more blessings - as we all celebrate Love. Be happy. Eat healthily. And let us enjoy one another’s company. Have a good evening.

Happy birthday to humanity!

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