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https://www.facebook.com/AlitheiaKaiDikaiosyniNaSynechisei//AlitheiaKaiDikaiosyniNaSynechisei/posts/2012828132291540Susan Rohde's last wish in her own handwriting By Maygene de Wee (PHOTO OF LAST WILL -Netwerk24 (Translated into English) https://www.netwerk24.com/Nuus/Algemeen/susan-rohde-se-laaste-wens-in-haar-eie-handskrif-20180308

Susan Rohde's (45), last wish in her own handwriting, was that her husband, Jason Rohde, should be the main beneficiary of her estate. This testament was drafted in January in the late 1990s. She also asked to be cremated. Susan's will was filed with the master of the High Court in Johannesburg on 16 September 2016. Although her wishes were that her husband be the main beneficiary of her estate, he is currently in the High Court in Cape Town on charges of murder and obstruction of justice. He is accused of killing his wife in July 2016 at Sotheby's International Realty's annual conference in their hotel room at the Spier Estate outside Stellenbosch. He was then the CEO of the company. Jason denies guilt. His legal team claims that Susan committed suicide. One of her special requests in the will is that if she and Jason die together, her mother, Diane Holmes, and one Neville Chamberlain should be named as their three daughters' guardians. Susan leaves her tennis bracelet to her mother and her gold chain to her sister, Angela Norton. "All remaining jewellery to be left in equal shares to my children once they attain 21 years of age. "My wish is to be cremated."

The rest of her estate goes to Jason. If Jason were to die before her, the estate should be divided into equal parts among their three daughters. They would obtain their inheritance when they each reached the age of 25 years. "In case my husband, Jason Thomas Rohde, dies before me, the money of the estate is placed in a trust for our children." The executors of the trust are her mother and a lawyer, Peter John Mansell. The money in the trust must then be used to pay for the children's education and maintenance. Netwerk24 reported on February 17 that Jason is in a financial trouble. He terminated the services of his legal team, consisting of adv. Pete Mihalik and Ross McKernan. It was also reported earlier that the Rohde couple's house in Bryanston, Johannesburg, was sold, but one of the trustees of the trust in which the money was paid refused Jason the use of it for his legal costs. Meanwhile, the legal principle of the bloody hand that may not inherit, is also discussed. This principle specifically refers to the fact that when someone is found to be the cause of the testator's death, he forfeits his legacy. For this purpose, the person appears to forfeit the legal forfeiture at the time of his / her conviction and declared by a civil court as unworthy to inherit from the deceased person (s).

They published the late Peter Soller's will.

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The media also published details of the Steenkamp wills - the Griekwastad case where the then minor boy shot and killed his parents and sister.

Oh wow I remember watching a documentary on that case... and have been trying to remember the surname! That was crazy!

Yeah... I read every news paper and magazine article, every blog and every book written about it. And I'm still... puzzled by the whole thing. 15 year olds don't typically turn into family murderers out of the blue.

And if you compare the Steenkamp case to the Henri Van Breda case (the alledged axe murderer from my home town), there is a lot more in the Steenkamp case that was left unanswered.

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An invasion of whose privacy??don't you lose all legal personality on death, therefore she no longer has a "right to privacy"?

I don't think it's morally right that they published it, but does it infringe on any legal right, I'm not so certain

I would guess the heirs / beneficiaries' privacy. If I was to unherit a few million (no chance, but hey.... a girl can dream) I wouldn't want the whole world and his brother knowing.

Well played bronwyn7 ?

jade1 lol never say never, maybe there's a filthy rich uncle you know nothing about.

I sooooo wish, thobeka77331.

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Something seems suspicious about the filling of Susan Rhode's Will at the Master. Considering that her marriage was already troubled at that time, as she knew her husband had a mistress, how on earth would she leave everything to him. In most cases I have seen as soon as the one spouse finds out that the other is cheating, the first thing they do is change their Will to make sure they disinherit their spouses.

That’s the problem that I have when telling people it’s so important to update your will every time there’s a change in your life.

They’re always of the opinion that they’ll get to it. Do it now, don’t postpone.…#

Was her will lodged with the master after her death? I only recently heard that you can register your will with the master

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A perdon who has caused the death of the testator is not worthy to inherit

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Remind you Hotties out there " Den Bebloede Hand erft geen Geld. "

Hahahah seems like you need to remind the gents not us! Seems to be a trend of outing your wife recently

I meant Brain Hotties but please I am honoured to form part of the Group with such nice Ladies.

bronwyn7 now that you raise it - Could be an Interesting Topic for a Treatise. - Were the Victims all Rich or Just b***h?

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The Roman -Dutch Law principle goes like "Die bloedige hand neemdt geen erfenis" if my memory still serve me correctly

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