Akni Braise two onion with peppercorns, whole jeera, cinnamon and cloves

Akni Braise two onion with peppercorns, whole jeera, cinnamon sticks and cloves in oil. Akni needs quite a bit of oil as your Akni will be dry if you do not add the oil. So this Akni is not for the faint hearted. Braise till onions are golden. Now add your chicken pieces (1 chicken) and your potatoes (i use three quartered potatoes) I add my potatoes this early because chicken Akni cooks very fast and one does not want under cooked potatoes) stir your chicken around the pot a bit and once the water has cooked away add the following masalas 2 tsp dhana 5 tsp jeera 3 tsp haldi 4 tsp garlic 3 tsp ginger 5 tsp fine red chilli powder ( I use SUHANA MILD CHILLI POWDER available at Lockday's in Rylands) 3 heaped tsp salt Braise your masala with the chicken and potatoes for a about a minute. Be careful and do not burn the masala. Then add three liquidized tomatoes and cook till the Tomatoe is cooked. It should take about 10 minutes. While you are waiting for the tomatoes to get done wash three cups of basmati rice. Another rice will not give you the same results. Add about 5 cups of boiling water to your chicken. Then add your washed and drained rice. Boil on high till the rice comes to top. Add the juice from one lemon, whole green chilli and chopped dhania stir. Put the lid on the pot and turn you stove down to the temperature you would normally steam rice. When your rice and potatoes are cooked your Akni should be done. Serve with raita, paapar and kachumbar.

For best results please use fresh ginger and garlic. It makes a huge difference to your food. It's best to keep whole garlic and ginger in your fridge and clean and chop it as you need it. With this little effort your food will smell and taste different. Do not purchase over the counter spices. Purchase whole jeera and dhana. Toast and Grind enough for a week.

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