Anyone who hasn’t tried lullaby method yet, definitely, definitely...

Anyone who hasn’t tried lullaby method yet, definitely, definitely do.

I swear, everything is lining up magically to go my way. Every one thing in particular could’ve been confused with “it would have happened anyway”, but all of them together - not a chance.

Where Do I Find That Method?

in the core lectures.. all 5 of them

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Nice! For those who are going to ask, the lullaby method is simply assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled (so, exactly what Neville says to do in every lecture), then repeating a short phrase that implies it, such as "thank you Father", or "isn't it wonderful". But KEY point, it's not about the words, you don't even need them, you should be FEELING thankful etc., that you now have the thing desired. I personally don't use a phrase, I just assume the feeling & dwell in it.?

ashlee7... yeesss!! Perhaps it will be said a thousand more times, it is NOT that phrase, it is the absolute feeling of having it, being thankful for it, knowing it. That easy. That feeling is ALL.

lyana18, it puts such a smile on my face to know you've discovered this for yourself!!!!! It is an awesome, easy way to go straight to the feeling. Good on you, may your cup runneth over!!

amber5138 - I love that you brought THAT up [amber5138])! That to me is THE REAL WIN!

When someone DISCOVERS.... I can teach.... Anyone here can share.... But THE DISCOVERY is PERSONAL.

And so sweet to CELEBREATE!

It is! I remember when I had breakthroughs and how great it felt, especially when I had been a bit confused and had a friend to help guide me a bit... Yeah, thankful for all of that ?

And then to see a "seeming other" reap the sweetness of the same principle... Makes for a very wide smile. It's a pretty sweet feeling.

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So if we don't even need to say the words its basically just like FIR? Then why do they act like its two different things?

And the Single Malt Scotch Game..... Such a goodie.....


twenty46004 wine game for me

Dudes: condensation rolling off a crisp, cold, quenching beer at the afternoon of a summer's day of strong play? Cheers!

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I've been doing the Good Day method at night followed by the Lullaby. Then the coffee game in the morning.... and the Lullaby again at night time?

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I think the difference is the scope of the wish. Lullaby method (in my case, anyway) covers larger desires, with no details of the wish. So, your higher self can give you things you hadn’t even thought of.

Or perhaps, I just learned to tap into the feeling itself and am reaping the benefits.

Know what you want & assume the feeling of already having it. That's the lullaby method, FIR, revision, I remember when etc.

A lot of people get caught up on the scene & skip the most important part.....the only part that matters.....feeling?

I am allowed to laugh at this - one of the guilty parties here ?

lyana18 "if you feel after him, you will find him". i've been enjoying this method, too.

Just for fun... skip the whole "higher self" bit..... YOUR DESIRES are GOD'S DESIRES.....

I'm the "him" to a wonderful "her"; just waiting for echoville to catch up...

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Lullaby is a great method. I unknowingly was using it my whole life. Now using it intentionally and lovingly for another and for self is really eye opening seeing how fast it works. It will also let person know how someone has created lot of crap in their life in an instant moving in imagination for unwanted things.

What do you mean using it your whole life? You've said "Isn't it wonderful" or things like that before even knowing about Neville?

Jennifer Coleman “isn’t it wonderful “ its just a word. What does it imply to you, and makes you feel as done, is what is done.

For ex. for me”he knows”” she knows” was my usual words that I repeated in my mind. It wasn’t the words but it felt to me was “ he knows I have failed many times” “ she knows I am shy” etc etc.

But now “he knows” is “he knows how awesome I am” and “she knows” is “ she knows that I am amazing”. And sometimes its just “they knows” and I know what they know and what does it mean to me.

1948 lectures.... your missing a very important aspect... do the research not others opinions

, what are you saying?

You've been using "ALL THE TOOLS" - all your life... Discovering that it all comes down to where you dwell, and that you move in consciousness - from a desire to an assumption.... Let this be easy....

Don't put "the power" in any method. Or in "the words". YOU are the operant power...

SKIP any method, any teaching, any teacher - who has ANY belief that distracts you from THAT. If they don't get "who / what you truly are - - and what THE ONE CAUSE actually is - - RUN!?

Read the 1948 core lectures on 20’s home page

, most people here have. What are you trying to say?

lyana18 I am one of “ the people here “

So you don’t know what you are trying to say?

The point is to read the lecture, it’s a resource, reread it as well will the different awareness since you’ve grown since you first read will discover more

See, now that says something to me ?

If you retrace the thread you’ll see it was the first question asked here and sir Gregg’s response was that it was in all the “core “ lectures that our dear neville left for us. Must be important! The most important step is not in the words..... every time you reread these lectures and books you will find a deep comprehension because you’ve grown, New eyes, New ears, new feelings......

lyana18 or you could have just gone with “easy peasy” and reread the lesson in context to the lecture or the question in Q&A section..... all is said with love my friend as it was as well suggested to me here in my roots groups

Twenty Twenty first and Gregg later have helped me change all in my life...... they are my family in Neville.

You are assuming I know what you are thinking.

If every comment was “read this lecture”, “read that lecture”, we wouldn’t have a lot of conversation going.

You said I (or whoever you were addressing, as you mentioned no names and your comment was 3rd on my comment) was missing a very important aspect and had to do research instead of using others’ opinions. I still have no idea what you meant by that.

lyana18 ? okay

Every one was speaking of the WORDS... and giving them power over the session....

Liking them or disliking them

It’s not in the words... see what neville says about the words in the lectures....

See what he is teaching

True if everyone said "read this" half the people are too lazy to so would miss out. Having someone explain it to me makes me interested where I then want to search and learn more

jennifer92168, it is not just laziness, it is time as well as the assumption that the 2nd reader will see what the 1st one did in a lecture where thousands of insights are possible.

With that knowledge, everyone is missing something crucial I every lecture. So what exactly was Ken referring to, only Ken knows and I have grown tired of asking.

the power.... is not... in.... THE WORDS

And as far as words go, it is not the words but the feeling.

TT sniped me ?


Exactly ?

It’s a rich world if we look deeper

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I love this method too!! I don't designate words but sometimes I find myself just saying "GOOD JOB!!" With my whole heart, because that's what the whole thing feels like completed- a good job. Love that feeling!

Exactly the point liz3783 (I don't designate words but sometimes I find myself just saying "GOOD JOB!!")


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No, for me, the scope of it is definitely a difference. I can feel grateful in general (without specifying the wish) with the lullaby method. With the scene or whatever – the wishes ends up a lot more specific.

You can play with that, sure! But I'd suggest also having specific desires in mind.

That I do. Except that my two biggest ones have now been found out to be middles ?

You can figure out a middle by asking yourself why you desire it. If there's another desire beyond that "why", you know you're playing in the middle.

To be happy seems to be the usual end answer.

Yes, but you're talking about an emotion there. What does it imply to you, what is it that you desire that's going to make you happy? I mean, you can play with feeling happiness, but there's going to be a "what" there.

Here's a way to "widen" that exploration lyana18.... I wasn't seeking "happiness" as my why....

When I moved into the state of Black Belt.

Or when I moved into the state of BMW owner.....

My "why" on those - was EXPERIENCING.....

The world as a Black Belt....

And as a BMW owner.....

Of course, I enjoy those things.....

Like I enjoy the state of "Loving Husband'?

But they all have "experiential qualities' that I simply love giving life to.....

Just like "teaching". Teaching to me involves discovering useful distinctions, where there was vagueness before.....

Each state - to me - has it's own "dance"?

Rather than getting clear on what you actually desire, it sounds like you're just going with "happiness" as a way to cover all bases.

Yes and no. I am still doing sessions on money and specific desires I get throughout the day. But I know that if I don’t get them - I will get something else or money will come in some other way (not always as cash), so I don’t cling terribly to each desire.

The end reason for most things seems the feeling of happiness (and freedom, which I haven’t tapped into yet), which can add up from many sources.

My relationship or the state of a parent are their own desires - I am pretty sure they are the end of their own

"but I know that if I don't get them....." - - The "this or something better thing.... Well, if I said I'm not a fan of that THAT would be an understatement.....

"... so I don't cling terriblly....." - - that just tells me you haven't moved......

Not picking on YOU, but pickinig out the BSC that will water down the teachings, to the point you'll be saying..... "I don't know why this doesn't work all the time / or at all for me...."

Happiness or freedom are vague concepts at best if they remain undefined. Define what happiness means to you, what would that imply? And there's your end.

Peek at this.....

This is how you could put 37 buns in the oven in a day..... easily.... specific buns.... and KNOW beyond "the shadow of a doubt" that they are DONE AND DUSTED.... unless you dig them up....

Today.... I wanted PREMIUM GRASS FED cow.... that was my DESIRE.... that and BREADED CHICKEN THINGS......

Tony was working the meat department, and he told me there wasn't much out today.... and there WASN'T.....

But suddenly he grabs the DISCOUNT GUN and FRANTICLY MARKS DOWN....

First, the chicken.... then the PREMIUM COW....

I just giggle....

I thought the burger would go great with BLUE CHEESE... I felt myself EATING THAT.... knowing I got a GREAT DEAL.....

And yes, the blue cheese JUST got marked down to 60% off, and all the meat was 50% off....

ALL that took about 7 minutes...

Me - NOTICING my desires.... and instantly MOVING into ASSUMPTION.....

Read that Neville quote I shared above......

This is - my way - of life.....

And yes, I am VERY HAPPY, and life has HEAPS of FREEDOM......

(Get how cool this is?)

Of course it got marked down twenty46004......I shop EXACTLY the same way ?

And both of you dont manifest free food like i do which i find bizarre but funny...whatever you find fun i guess....i got a whole ham hock and 4 turkeys given to me for crimbo? hehee so much fun?

I used to have fun getting "free yummies" when I worked on the road nathan614. Way more than once, I'd rock into some odd / unusual deli kind of place, and literally "feeling free stuff" just say to the girl at the deli, "Give me one of those and 1/4 pound of chipped ham...."

And she would GIVE ME one of "those" - whatever those were.... and just charge me for the little bit of ham.....

I bet you are having heaps of fun, hamming it up!?

Yep, our free dinner AND multiple espresso martinis was pretty awesome last night ?

Ha ha, I'm out shopping right cheese AND ham....thanks nathan614 ?

"Ask and ye shall recieve"....the bit the bible missed out was the already having it before you ask?

You know what, I've NEVER read the bible!! ?

nathan614, “believe that you have it and you do”

yasemin5 ive never needed to either? lol

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it kinds of make me sick..i don't know..saying same words again and again..i prefer just assuming

"Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and then, in a relaxed and sleepy state, repeat over and over again like a lullaby, any short phrase which implies fulfillment of your desire, such as, Thank you, thank you, thank you, until the single sensation of thankfulness dominates the mind."

You assume the feeling first, and then if you desire to repeat the phrase, do so. If not, just dwell in that feeling of thankfulness for already having "X". The point is to not get stuck on the repetition of the words, but to be feeling thankful etc.

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I 'm so happy for you lyana18! ?

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Just put it in your heart feeling is the secret

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Ken shared this.... I'm not sure what exact point he was trying to make... Here's the link, I deleted the comment - which essentially was a cut and paste of this and not all that easy to read...

actually it was #4 and the point is......the state akin to sleep.... the "lullaby" is not the words but the feeling state occupied..... in the state akin to sleep.....

That's what we keep saying....?

We already shared #4 above?

The word could be "baby poo"....?

And it wouldn't matter one bit....

exactly as long as the feeling state is accessed

Having selected this action as the one you will experience in imagination, immobilize the physical body; and induce a state akin to sleep, a drowsy state, but one... and sleepy state, repeat over and over again like a lullaby, any short phrase which implies fulfillment of your desire, such as, "Thank you, thank you, thank you,... this is from #5 Twenty you were right its here as well and as gregg stated it is in all the core lectures

Neville as well states that the words and not of import it is the feeling state elicited by the word FEELING IS THE SECRET the state akin to sleep is the key

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You guys keep saying that the phrase isn't what's important here, and I don't mean to disagree, but I did notice in the article (the one linked to) it says that the phrase "is the key to this particular Feel It Real method". So again, not trying to disagree, just want to clarify it for myself--the words are not important at all, only the feeling?

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It is NEVER the words....

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Notice... "the words" - IMPLY - what follows.....

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The FIRST FRAME.... is FIRST..... for a reason

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Words don't cause.... words don't lead.....

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I can say the word TRUMP to 72 different people....

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And I will get 72 different responses....

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All of them BASED ENTIRELY.....

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"For example: if a rumor or an idle remark could cause an anxious reaction in one person and no reaction in another, this is positive proof that the two people are living in two different states of consciousness.” - Neville Goddard

Hmmmm yesterday a comment I read - not here in the group but elsewhere - well I felt angry and hurt etc. but after reading what you said, I was just now thinking, I could revise that when I saw such comments it only made me laugh! At how ridiculous it is!

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Thanks twenty46004. I'm getting it, I just wanted to make sure I understood it right. It's all about the state, right?


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lyana18 your so correct this is a powerful tool

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Even in a general sense, this creates wonderful circumstances... Because if YOU know, God knows. Every bit you know for yourself that pleases you, this feeling will bring fruit.

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Usually in fun surprises... Who doesn't love a nice surprise, hey!?

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Lullaby method is the one in which one repeats “thank you” over and over again until we feel it good right?

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Peek at the articles in the comments Bhushan ?

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Generally.... “i manifest steaks at ground meat prices...”

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Specifically, i have heaps of fun, letting that drill down...

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Notice, my BIG CHUNK isn’t an emotion....

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It has a specific kind of experience built in...

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At a small chunk size.... I have used this to by my BMW at the price of a Chevy.....

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Bought lovely single malts at the price of “rot gut” ?

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And flew around the world, for dimes on the dollar.... First Class....

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My suggestion.... let your big chunk be a tangible experience.... about you....

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This will make so much more.... so much easier.... ?

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