Art submission to understand people struggling with EM-health

Dear TEA Members and everyone with Erythromelalgia:

The art contest entrant's images are on live display now!

If you go to you will find it is the top story with a link to the next page that explains all about the contest. And, then another link to view all the entrant's photos. Then, you can also click on each image to view each one individually in a larger window.

Several of the judges noted how much these art submissions helped you better understand erythromelalgia (EM) more than ever before. This is especially touching from those that do not have EM and find it difficult to relate to this unrelenting disorder.

I found each one impacting for me to view, on a personal level, being someone who has EM and also once was a painter.

The Yale research team is so proud to now have images from real EM sufferers that they can share as they explain and educate others about the pain associated with this disorder.

Please go and enjoy the beautiful images that were created and submitted!Thank you all!Deborah

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