Article reports on homeopathy-related deaths-health

Article reports on homeopathy-related deaths.

Ian Freckelton, a prominent Australian barrister who edits the Journal of Law and Medicine, has written a scholarly account of the history, risks, and current legal status of homeopathy in several countries. [Freckelton I. Death by homeopathy: Issues for Civil, criminal and coronial law and for health service policy. Journal of Law and Medicine 19:454-478, 2012] The article includes details about several people who died because they relied on homeopathic treatment rather than responsible treatment. One such case was that of Penelope Dingle, an Australian woman who died in 2005 as a result of the complications of metastatic bowel cancer. According to the coroner's report, Mrs. Dingle experienced blood in her stools in 2001, at which time her prognosis with standard treatment would have been good. But she relied on treatment by a homeopath and two renegade physicians and did not seek appropriate medical treatment until she was near death.

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