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The Texas Medical Board has dismissed a complaint against Jesus Caquias, M.D., former medical director of CARE Clinics, where thousands of autistic children were inappropriately chelated. CARE Clinics closed in 2009 after the FBI seized its medical and financial records. In 2010, the board charged that Caquias had provided substandard care to four patients. In 2012, a hearing was held during which the central issue was whether or not his records were adequate. Caquias testified that records that would exonerate him were destroyed while in FBI custody. (The records seized by the FBI were destroyed by fire or water after a pilot intentionally crashed his airplane into the IRS building in Austin.) The presiding administrative law judges concluded that without complete records, the board could not prove its case against Caquias—and the board then dismissed the charges. Autism Watch has a detailed report about CARE Clinics.

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