biscuit quick recipe

Hi ladies i have to share my mix a match biscuit recipe with you.i had only 2an half cups of cakeflour although recipe says 4cups.which means my consistincy was to what i did was.i used half a cup of maizena(cornflour) an half a cup of custardpower to get the pecfect texture the right recipe is as follows.4cups c/flour,5ml baking powder,200g sugar i used castror sugar its much finer but preference is yours. 250g butter,5ml fine cardomon,5ml vanilla essense 3 ml almond essense,2 eggs an 100g coconut rough or fine.this was suppose to be a coconut biscuit.but it came out tasting like eatsum any case it was just plain nice.mix dry ingredients together an mix wet ingredients toghter add evrything now together an mix till a soft ball forms.enjoy whoever gonnatry this it took me half an hour to make an bake.thats why i call it mix a match biscuits.plz reply of ur findings.toodels

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