Bit of of success story on imagining and revising...

Bit of of success story on imagining and revising... I might have mentioned before wanting these special and rare Russian cake decorating tips new to come out that would be a tool to make money and save incredible time by squeezing out the whole flower at once, including the stamen, instead of forming one petal at a time.

I could not get an order to go through to the Russian site though they tried hard to help me, a USA customer. The site was in Russian, their system wouldn't take my credit card, PayPal wouldn't pay them looking risky, Western Union's system online wouldn't pay them with me not having a home address attached to my card (not the way I do public business), and my bank couldn't pay them even with my authorization and talking with 2 supervisors on the phone telling the dollar amount, who I'm buying from, and when the transaction will take place. Some other cake decorators were desperate when they tried beating down the doors of the Russian manufacturer to get these time saving things, and made cheap knockoffs with plastic bottle caps.

After that, despair hit in, but I immediately revised the despair and went back to the vision of holding these hot little Russian tips in my hand, making the dreamiest flowers out of thick paint with them that won't wilt, imagined them being such a hot item they would sell well and in time for Mother's Day (a few days ago), and envisioned it could possibly be a thing for students to learn about them in my video class..... I imagined all this without having these dreamy tools yet, nor knowing how they would truly turn out in all reality, since I do a lot of testing and not everything works.

Then Western Union let me pay cash in person and the Russians got the money and sent their dreamy cake tips to me where I got them in 10 days with neat tracking where I could really see them being sent to me. Then there they were in my hands for the photo that would soon show the rest of the painting world their miracles. The cake decorating world may know of them more, but not my painting niche yet. Boy were they fancy and no cheap welded spots. So that was imagination #1 come true of at least getting the original designs.

Then my thick paint just didn't hold up well, yet I went back to the vision of dreamy 3D flowers on a painting in perfect form and higher than an inch, and got the idea to try this expensive mold-able paint again and it worked! But with a special technique so they wouldn't fall over. That was the second imagination come true of the forms actually working with paint instead of frosting.

Then I wanted to see if I could get these original paintings sold for Mother's Day and hit up everybody I knew, made a web sales page, business cards, studied this Pay What You Want pricing, and imagined it being a hot item for sale that people just had to have. Three 9x12 paintings sold to family, my supervisor, and my eye doctor for $220, and my boss's boss got a custom one for another $25.

Most paid more than the suggested $50 after me removing obligation to pay a certain amount. It cost me $25 to make. Most wanted to see me succeed and I just shared with phone pictures and told the story instead of trying to solicit people. People asked how much and then I went to the trouble to bring the real ones in.

Then I got the idea to make mini paintings of the left over practice flowers and set them for $10 for lower income co-worker people at work and gave the Mother's Day holiday as a reason I made them (implying people could buy them), and it also gave a deadline, as well as them having a cute-factor that made people like them. That was some frustration where people had to remind themselves to bring in money and tell them of the last day I will be there with them, but that gave another $125 amazingly. So it all totaled up to be $370 that I put in a Home fund. (Whew, lot of work), but surprised myself at using some techniques to get sales and deal with people.

I still have yet to see about any students liking a class about them, but after all the dust settled, I went back to contemplate just imagining the tools into existence that made these 3D flowers and all that became of that, and am really grateful for this exercise in keeping true to the faith or vision this group talks about, as sometimes other things seem so overwhelming to bring into existence.

Nice ruth635! I was just thinking of you the other day, and here you are ROCKING AND ROLLING!

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these are beautiful!

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Congrats Ruth!!

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