Butter Chicken recipe

Butter Chicken...

Please don't judge me if it's not traditional...I make my own stuff up as I go along. But think it still the basic recipe.

I use:

A pkt or two of chicken fillets cut into lekker big chunks or strips. 1 onion, super finely chopped. 1 tub plain yogurt

I wing the next part but made sure I measured this time cos I new I'd be typing out the recipe for you guys.

2 tblsp Jeerah Powder 1 tsp Leaf Masala 2 tblsp Curry powder (mild or hot according to your liking) 1 tsp Tumeric 2 tbls Butterchicken spice

Rub spices into chicken gently and add yoghurt. Allow to stand for 2 hours. I only had 5 minutes so skipped this stage lol...It makes a difference.

1/2 can tomatoes and onion mix ( just two tomatoes grated) Curry Leaves...get some...makes a huge difference too. Must be fresh. Luckily I have a tree. Bunch of danya washed and chopped. Tub or cream or 1/2 can of coconut milk...coconut milk I find makes it sweeter. I prefer cream.

Right...braise onion in butter with a teaspoon of oil to prevent butter from burning. Once translucent...that shiny see-through look...and soft and chicken and braise until just-just cooked. Add chopped curry leaves and also the stalk but leave it whole (can be removed later) Add tomatoe and allow to simmer very low.Stir often.

Add dhanya...keep some for garnish! Stir through!

Add the cream remove and simmer for 3mins or so. Serve immediately. If you gonna serve later. Add cream and remove from heat. Simmer just before serving. Serve with Roti,Naan or Rice!

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