¾cup sugar2 eggs¾cup oil5ml vanilla essence4cups cake flour4tsps baking powder2cups buttermilk

Oil for deep fryingCoconut for sprinkling

MethodWhisk eggs and sugar in bowl until light and fluffy. Add vanilla and oil and beat till creamy. In a separate bowl sift flour and baking powder twice. Add flour mixture to egg mixture. Add buttermilk and mix into a soft, sticky dough. Allow to rest for at least 30mins. Place spoonfuls of mixture in hot oil and fry until golden brown.

Hint: Dip spoon in cold water to ensure that dough separates from spoon to form neatly rounded balls when dropped in oil.

For syrup, use recipe as in potato koeksisters.

Place some syrup in a pan. Heat through and add bollas. Syrup bollas until glossy and sprinkle with coconut.

NB: Not suitable freezing, but can be refrigerated before syruping.

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