Alternative medicine

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The Murdering of Our Daughters- Gardasil side effect tina4 posted... 20
Tests showing supplements having quality problems tina4 posted... 0
Reishi Mushroom Helps Fight Cancer-Health david9350 posted... 4
Big pharma conspiracy- Holistic Doctors Being Murdered? todd2 posted... 2
Hereditary, inherited/familial EM-health urban8493 posted... 29
CUCUMBERS Beneffits-health tina4 posted... 8
Chemical sensitivity, tingling in the hands-health stacy24172 posted... 1
Coconut benefits-health tina4 posted... 53
Open letter to SLPs that work with patients with dysphagia kendrea13 posted... 0
Polio1 disease-health tina4 posted... 7
Fluoride and Misinformation-health michael786 posted... 6
KIDNEY FILTRATION-health bradley503 posted... 10
Graviola Sour sop-health tina4 posted... 3
Muscle wastage-health simone427 posted... 20
Measles outbreaks-health michael786 posted... 0
The anti-vax trolls-health ness2 posted... 0
The anti-vaxxers-health ness2 posted... 0
Cinnamon and Honey-health patrick3368 posted... 1
Water benefits-health colleen22155 posted... 24
Cinnamon and Honey-health luci8 posted... 4
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