Cape Malay cookie, the Hertzoggie

Aslm/hi there everyone. Found this funny little piece of history, shared by...Cape Malay Cooking with Fatima Sydow

"A story by Cass Abrahams shows the meanings and resistance encoded in food by the less powerful. This is the story of the legendary Cape Malay cookie, the Hertzoggie:

It goes back to when [Afrikaans general and later Prime Minister] Hertzog was running for power. He made two promises. Now, this is true, if you go back to that particular year. … He said that he would give the women a vote, en hy sal die slaves dieselfde as die wittes, he will make the Malays equal to the whites. Achmat [Davids, the late linguist and historian] reckoned the Malays became terribly excited about this and they put this little shortcrust pastry with apple jelly underneath and then had the egg white and coconut on top of it and baked it and called it a hertzoggie in honor of General Hertzog. However, when he came into power he fulfilled one promise, he gave the vote to the women, but he didn't make the slaves the same as the whites. So the Malays became very upset and they took that very same Hertzoggie and covered it with brown icing, you know this runny brown icing and pink icing and they call it a TWEE GEVREETJIES ['hypocrite'] (Cass Abrahams).While its entry in Allison and Robins' book (nor the others - not even the m****m-authored cookbooks reveal the story) does not allude to this fascinating secret history, the Hertzoggie continues to be made today, a feature of the plates of biscuits that are served at tea, weddings and Eid, continuing to encode its lessons of betrayal and memory."

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