chicken akhni recipe

Hi ladies this is a fantastic chicken akhni recipe got it from the foodie passionista naadia,it is spicy but very flavourful.You need one whole chicken cut into pieces,3 cups basmati rice,2 tsp salt,2 tsp red chilli powder,2 dsp red ginger garlic,2 tsp tumeric,whole box of shan bombay breyani mix ( this is the secret component to the dish),for each cup of rice add 1 tsp salt,Saute chopped fine red onions ( i used 1 1/2),together with green chilli,whole jeera,cinnamon and elachi,Add chicken pieces braise well for a few minutes until it changes to a whitish colour,add your spices,stir ever so gently,while simmering on a low hear add the box of shan's bombay biryani mix ( can use half a box if you want it less spicy),add tin of chopped tomatoes or 2 fresh chopped tomatoes,let it cook through on a low heat,then add washed,chopped and either fried or micro waved potatoes,for every cup of rice add 1 tsp salt and boiling water,stir and leave on medium heat,let grains from rice swell,water should be evaporated,turn off heat and close pot.Hope you enjoy the recipe ladies

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