Chicken and Corn soup

Chicken n Corn soup (courtesy of wardah11).

I got a chicken n corn recipe from Wardah and when I made it couldn't remember all the details so ended up making it in my own way (hardly any measurements, just kinda pour/add as required for most of the ingredients). Yummy and quick to prepare so ideal for Ramadaan

Ingredients:1 packet chicken breasts (fillet or boned, if boned then debone)1 tin sweet corn1 big packet cream of chicken soup1 big packet white onion soupDhaniaGarlic salt, pepper to tasteFresh cream (small tub)1 - 1.5 lire water1 - 2 onionsGarlic & Dhania paste

Method:Chop onions and add to potChop or shred chicken and add to onions along with garlic paste and dhaniaCook through to allow the chicken to absorb the onion/garlic flavour

Add 1 litre water to startAdd both packets of soup and allow to cook until it starts getting thickAdd more water if required

Add tin of sweetcorn and cook a little moreAdd cream

Server with toasted plain or garlic ciabatta (for extra richness, top with crumbled feta cheese.

EnjoyWill copy it to the comments as well for anyone who wants to copy the recipe.

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