chicken and mushroom soup

Aslm ladies I made some yummy chikn n mushroom soup for lunch today♥.2chikn fillets cut in small pieces.1potato grated.1/2 onion.n 2 garlic cloves3-4 carrots grated.1 n half cups milk.Chikn n mushroom sauce.1/2 tspn salt,1/2 tspn bbq chikn spice,1/2 tspn peppr. Boilng water.Mushrooms(as many as u like).Sweetcorn pieces. 1cup macerroniMethod: braise onion in pot with ur garlic grated,until golden brown.add chikn pieces n spices n salt n smoor 5minutes.add grated potato n carrots n add 2cups water-let cook on medium ±15minutes.add 2 cups boilng water n add maceroni cook 2min till maceroni soft.add mushrooms n ur milk n cook furthr few minutes.add ur chikn n mushrm knorr pkt n cook furthe.done!nb: can add fresh cream to recipe if like!

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