Chicken Pasta recipe

Got this frm a friend, haven't tried it tho X_X.Chicken Pasta BakeIngredients:1 kg chicken fillet cut in strips½ tsp salt or to taste1 tsp chillie powder½ tsp black pepper1 tsp lemon pepper1 tsp garlic2 tblsp Steers Peri Peri sauce2 tblsp Worcester sauce1 tblsp Mustard sauce3 tblsp lemon juice1 tblsp Nandos Garlic peri peri sauce1 tblsp Nandos Hot peri peri sauce1 tblsp Sweet Chillie sauceMarinate chicken in all the above ingredients and cook in 2 tblsp ghee till done, but not dry.Leave aside.

Stir fry some onion rings, coloured peppers and frozen corn in butter, but not too soft.Stir fry mushrooms separately and add to veg.Fry some chips. Season with salt and chilli powderSeason with salt pepper and aromat.Boil some pasta screws and once done put in an oven tray or Pyrex.Make a white sauce: 1 tblsp flour, 2 cups milk, 1 tblsp butter some salt and pepper to taste and throw sauce over pasta.Now layer over pasta the chicken then the veg then the fried chips that have been spiced with salt and chillie powder.Make a mixture of Steers Peri Peri sauce and some mayonnaise- it must be a little pink.Put blobs of this sauce all over the chips.Top with mozzarella and cheddar cheese and bake in oven...? Enjoy

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