Chicken Sharwama recipe with pita breads chapatti

Chicken Sharwama recipe with Fatima's pita breads chapatti Ingredients:

Pita Bread (if you cant find Fatima's pita bread in freezer then you can use Fatima's chapati Lemon Juice Olive Oil Chilli Powder Chicken Salt Lettuce Tomatoes Coriander Leaves Yoghurt/Curd Oil


1.Cut chicken into thin slices. Add little olive oil, little lemon juice, salt and if you want it to be spicy you can add chilli powder. Marinate them for 2 hours.

  1. To make sauce, put garlic paste, lemon juice(little), yoghurt/curd, salt to taste in a bowl. Mix these ingredients and there comes the yummy Shawarma sauce.

  2. After 2 hours take out the chicken and add it into the frying pan or grill it. (grilling would be more better). Add a little oil and keep moving chicken in the pan to different parts until they are little brown. Take them out and add to a plate.

  3. Take out pita bread (Toast it on a pan on moth sides open pocket). Add grilled chicken into it. Add some lettuce (nicely chopped), coriander leaves (nicely chopped), tomato slices and french fries. Add the sauce. Roll the pita bread, cover it from down using sandwich papers or aluminum foil. Shawarma Sandwich is Ready!

Try marinating a mix of 75% chicken breast and 25% skinless boneless chicken thighs. The fat in the thighs gives the chicken a nice kick when fry or grill... Pita and chapatti available at winners supermarket

(Submitted By Mahnaz Siddiqui)

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