Chocolate moist cake recipe

Chocolate moist cake Ingredient for cake: -250gm butter -3/4 cup sugar -4 eggs -2 cups flour -3/4 cup coco powder -1 cup of water or milk

Ingredient melt chocolate for topping: -1 spoon butter -2 or 3 spoons condense milk -2 or 3 spoons coco powder -little amount of water

Method of making cake: -in a bowl, mix coco powder and water or milk together. This is called mixture of coco. -in a separate bowl, beat an egg with sugar till it bcome fluffy. Then add another egg and beat it well. Next, repeat d same untill all d eggs is beat well with sugar. -then in d same bowl d mixture of egg and sugar, add a little of flour and alittle of mixture of coco. Mix it well. Add little by little till it finish. Make sure to mix it well.

  • steam for 45 minutes. -finish, d basic chocolate cake is done.

Method of making chocolate melt for topping: -melt d butter in a pan -add condense milk and coco powder. Mix it well. -add little water so that it doesnt bcome so thick. -finish. When d cake is cooked, u may pour it on top of d cake. U may sprinkle with chocolate rice also. Enjoy!

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