Cinnamon buns and Raisin Cinnamon loaf

I know this is now a bietjie late...But maybe you can plan for next week?

Firstly, the entire cost of these baked goodies is under R20. I kid you not. Secondly, it took about 15 minutes of genuine work to make, then there's the rising time and baking time. Now, again, this is my own kopse ding, so it's tweeked to my liking. Anywayyyyy (I remind me now of those recipe blogs that make you scroll pages of pictures to get to the 4 ingredient recipe below, heheheeee):

Cinnamon buns and Raisin Cinnamon loaf

1KG Dough from PNP Bakery (R10.50)Melted butter1/3 cup cinnamon1/2 cup brown sugar1/3 cup cream**1 cup raisins (soak in boiling water to plump up then drain and cool)

Icing: Icing Sugar, Vanilla Essence, tsp butter and hot water.

So, once you've bought the dough, take it home (kidding?)

Divide the dough into 2. First half, roll out into a square or lopsided rectangle, about 1 cm thick.Paint with the melted butter.Combine the cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle like crazy. Use more if you run out.Starting from the bottom, roll up like a swiss roll. Make sure to dab water and squeeze the dough closed at the end.Now slice about 3 cm thick, or at your discretion. I got 8 out of a 60cm lopsided rectangle.Line a round tin with baking paper (I believe you can also use a well buttered glass dish). Lay the buns with some space between each (first pic) and allow to rise (took an hour to more than double). Pour over cream**. This will bake in a 180 degree oven for 20 - 25 minutes.

Now, you'll have plenty of cinnamon and sugar all over your counter when you done, so I threw the raisins on it, and used the other half of the dough to scoop it all together. Took a bit of kneading, but it looked so cool! Anyway, knead till it combines and the raisins stop falling off, then put in a lined loaf tin and allow to rise (also took an hour for this one) Bake in a 180 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes.

Icing for cinnamon buns:

Mix butter and about 3 tsp water and melt in a microwave. Add vanilla essence and then start adding icing and mixing. Add enough icing and water till you get half a cup of drizzling consistency icing. Drizzle over cooled cinnamon buns. I'll let you guys know how my concoctions taste?

**I got the cream thing from browsing recipes, not sure what it does or if it's even necessary.

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