Crayfish curry-Garlic butter tiger prawns

OMH I must say 2day iv out done myself.... No, no wait "we've out done ourself ladies" I rly couldn have done this without all of your help alhamdulilaa... I must rly say shukr to all u wonderful ppl... I just luv this group, hubby cnt brag enough about his wifes cooking today... So I guess I pulled it off and my wonderbag is on its way as my new gift frm hubby!The menu as follows:Breakfast:-cheese & cornbeef croisants, cinabuns, buttered branmuffins, hot chai (tea) & orange juice.

LunchStarter:Avocado Ritz (mm mmm mmmm)

Main dish:-Crayfish curry-Garlic butter tiger prawns-Deep fried calamari-Paella

Fried chicken-Savoury rice-Roast potato-Mix veg + white sauce & cheese-Corn beef-Corn tongue-Leg of lamb-Braised chops

Desert:-Strawberry pudding with choc mouse and fresh cream topped with strawberries-Cake & tea / juice

I must say shukr to every1 on this page. Lunch was perfect and every1 enjoyed it. Mwahz!

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