Creamy chicken and corn soup (PnP recipe)

Creamy chicken and corn soup (PnP recipe) Less than 15 minutes Serves: 6

Ingredients 0.5 tsp freshly ground black pepper 0.5 tsp white pepper 1 tsp PnP lemon pepper 1 tsp PnP salt 2 tbsp PnP butter 5 cloves granulated garlic, crushed 2 red/green chilli, finely crushed 125 ml water 500 ml PnP milk 2 tbsp cornflour 420 grams PnP sweetcorn, cream style 250 ml PnP cream, fresh 500 grams free range chicken fillets Cube chicken fillet into small cubes, wash and set aside In a large saucepan - melt the 2 tbsp butter Add cubed chicken to the melted butter - stir in until coated Crush fresh garlic cloves and green chillies together and add to chicken Add all peppers (white, black and lemon pepper) allow to blend in Add 125ml water and allow chicken to cook and soften Mix cornflour and milk together add to softened chicken Stir till thickened Add creamstyle sweetcorn to chicken mixture Add fresh cream to the chicken mixture - stir till well blended When soup has thickened to required consistency remove from heat and add salt to taste Served with homemade bread YUM

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