creamy delicious butter chicken made in the oven

I'm about to share my famous creamy delicious butter chicken made in the oven..the creamy taste keeps u wanting the flavour locks in!!my hubbys a fan an I make it once a week,that's how yummy it is!! So try it Kanala an let me know!!!??


2onions finaly cut4/5 fillet pieces cut into cubes4/5 potatoes cut into small cubes (like the chicken)1tsp tomoto paste2tsp garlic&ginger paste1tsp garam masala1stp tadoori masala1stp caynne pepperSalt to taste.Half a cup butterCorianderFresh fream x2


In a medium size pot heat butter an cream together an let it simmer til butters melted.use a different pot to braise the onions until caramelized.add the chicken cubes and potatoes too the onions an braise..add spices..ones the chicken is cooked pour the mixture in a large pirex dish/or oven tray..pour the creamy butter mixture over the chicken an braised onions..(U can add more spice if u want too,depends how u spicey an creamy U like it).let it bake for 30min..and coriander..:P:D..yummmmm I'll upload pics once I make again..

Surve: basmati rice/buttered fluffy rotiHope u Enjoy!:-)

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