creamy tomato pasta bake

Made dinner tonight for the family. ^_^It's a creamy tomato pasta bake, and it literally only took me about 10min prep time and about 30min cooking time?

Heres the recipe if you want to make it yourself! ^_^


  • 500ml Tomato Paste (Passata)
  • 250ml Fresh Cream
  • 1tbsp Olive Oil
  • 500g Spaghetti
  • Cheese (How ever much desired)/(Of any sorts)
  • Chicken Fillet (Cut into small pieces) (OPTIONAL)
  • Salt and Pepper (How ever much desired) (I used just ONE pinch of each)
  • 1 Onion (Chopped)


  • Cook the spaghetti
  • Add the Olive Oil, Tomato Paste and Cream together in a sauce pan, mix well over medium heat. (Add salt and pepper if desired)
  • Cook the chicken and onion together.Then you just mix the spaghetti, chicken and onion, and the Tomato Paste mixture together, add the cheese, put it into a dish that is suitable for the oven, and bake it for 10min at 180 degrees!?

PS. You can add Green Peas to this pasta as well if desired!PPS. This recipe serves 4 people!

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