crede natural organic oils

Aslm all. i am getting a delivery of crede natural organic (and in most cases cold pressed) oils. It is at cheaper prices than you would get at shops like woolworths and also it is a wider variety than woolworths stocks it.if you find it cheaper elsewhere let me know and ill try and better the price. No harmful preservatives, healthy, other words...just plain good for you!you will need to pick up at my home in upper parow north. or if you would like I could meet you somewhere (like i often go to century city). sorry to those out of ct, I do post but if you order the oils I cant be liable for breakage etc. I dont know when I can get it by as I must first build up my order so we can keep delivery costs and prices down(lol i have to order more than R1000 worth of stock at one time) so just send me your orders and ill then let you know when I place the order. also if you order a large quantity i can possibly make the price even better than it already is.

LET ME KNOW! The stock you can order is as follows:

Organic Virgin Coconut 250ml 64.95 Organic Virgin Coconut (plastic) 400ml 87.95 Organic Virgin Coconut 500ml 107.95 Organic Virgin Coconut (plastic) 1 Litre 169.95 Organic Coconut Odourless 500ml 65.95 Organic Coconut Odourless (plastic) 1 Litre 89.95 Organic Olive 500ml 95.95 Organic Olive 1 Litre 149.95 Organic Sesame 250ml 74.95 Organic Sunflower 500ml 81.95 Almond 250ml 79.95 Grapeseed 250ml 47.95 Peanut 250ml 44.95 Pumpkinseed 250ml 94.95

Nutrition Oils (Keep Refrigerated) Black Cumin 100ml 69.95 Flax 250ml 61.95 Flax 500ml 102.95 Flax 1 Litre 168.95 Flax for Animals (plastic) 250ml 56.95 Flax for Animals (plastic) 500ml 96.95 Flax for Animals (plastic) 1 Litre 159.95 Organic Flax 250ml 69.95 Organic Flax 500ml 112.95 Hemp Seed 250ml 81.95 Hemp Seed 500ml 135.95 Organic Omega Blend 250ml 73.95 Organic Omega Blend 500ml 129.95 Siberian Pine Nut 250ml 249.95 Theraflax (Healthy Skin) 250ml 96.95 Theraflax (Healthy Skin) 500ml 171.95

Skincare Oils Almond 100ml 47.95 Apricot Kernel 100ml 50.95 Grapeseed 100ml 35.95 Jojoba 100ml 104.95 Organic Sesame 100ml 50.95 Softgel Capsules Organic Flax Oil 1000mg 90 capsules 94.95 Siberian Pine Nut Oil 1000mg 90 capsules 234.95

Milled Products Milled Flax Powder 600g 36.95 Coconut Flour 600g 69.95

Oh Mega Nut Butters Almond 400g 99.95 Cashew 400g 84.95 Macadamia 375g 94.95 Peanut Butter - Smooth 400g 33.95 Peanut Butter - Crunchy 400g 33.95 Tahini 400g 64.95

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