Decadence Lindt Chocolate Mousse Cakes recipe

Assalaamu-alaykum everyone? Hope you're all well and not running around like a headless chicken like myself today! Finally surfaced for a bit of a breather because my head's swimming with the number crunch that month end brings to mind! So, I'm going to take advantage of fahmieda4' offer and advertize my sideline home business here? I bake for parties, weddings, functions, candy tables, etc. I do the traditional fancies, snowballs, decorated shortbread cookies as wedding / party favors, red velvet, carrot and the signature Decadence Lindt Chocolate Mousse Cakes? All products are made with prime ingredients such as butter, fresh cream, etc, and we don't skimp on the quality. I've just started my FB page: so there aren't much pics loaded yet. Will load more pics once I get a chance Insha-Allaah. You'll find my stall at most market days and if you're visiting Ratanga on Saturday, please pop around to say hello?

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