Decomposer disease mankind calls aging-health

Decomposer disease mankind calls aging

Many are waking to the fact that Jacque Fresco has just passed. I myself, I feel ashamed to have been so predisposed that I could not feel the earth shake due the passing of such a Great mind and spirit. I believe Jacque was wrong in many areas.. But I have seen others who are the same. On all sides of intellectual endeavor.. So Jacque to me is not just normal, he is unique.. Here is other commentary I have made on such sites as Futurism. Who are just now waking to the Passing of a giant. As would be stated by Isaac Newton..

Here is Copied and pasted response to the end of a modern day legend. Jacque Fresco ---- I was contacted by an employee of Jacque Fresco back in December 6th 2016.. Her word to me??? Will/could your Gerevivify Algorithm save Jacque Fresco from death by way of the decomposer disease mankind calls aging??? I told her, if the Algorithm was already established. We could save Jacque.. Here is a spontaneous video I made in response to her plea.. 

.. Respect ON FACEBOOK at Adam and Eve now End Aging" and on sites at

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