Different chicken recipe

So the other day I only had chicken in my freezer..I didn't wana make the usual grilled chicken an yellow ricE rice an veggies..I decided to do something different..its just me an my husband with 10pieces of chicken. ?..lol I marranaid the chicken in tandoori spice,add abit of blackpepper corns,salt,an tikka spice,I packed it neatly in a baking tray,sliced up two onions in rings an covered the chicken wth the onion rings..I then cut up 3tomotos into wedges..an half green pepper into stipps..packed it over the onions..then cut up 4potatos into wedges aswel..I melted hlf cup butter(marvelo) wth some garlic an pour over the chicken..grind again some pepper corn over the dish..an grilled til the onions was abit brown (not burn) in colour..no need to use oil as the chikn produce its own water..was soooo leka!! Mouth watering an something differnt an easy peasy no hassels.grill for 180..u'l know wen its done:-).wen I went for my second round(plate of food) their was hardly food left..!:|my hubby ate almst all..its a must try!! Can eat it wth bread..?

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