Different recipes call for different types of flour

aslm something of interest taken from food 24Here is a quick guide to different flours and their uses.

Different recipes call for different types of flour. The flour you use can affect the texture and overall outcome of your baking, from cakes to breads, and everything in between.

Here is a quick guide of flours and their uses.

Cake Wheat Flour is a versatile refined flour that can be used for delicate cakes, pastries, biscuits, light textured breads and rolls.

Self Raising Flour is ready mixed with the correct measurement of raising agents. Self-raising flour is suitable for quick mixes such as scones, muffins, quick breads, crumpets and waffles.

White Bread Wheat Flour is not as refined as cake wheat flour and can be used in breads, scones, muffins and fruit type cakes. The flavour and texture of bread and food baked with white bread wheat flour will be slightly more chewy or elastic to those baked with cake wheat flour.

Brown Bread Wheat Flour is mixed with fine wheat bran. This flour has a courser texture than white bread wheat flour and is used in breads, rolls, scones and muffins. Add brown bread wheat flour to savoury tart pastries for a crispier result.

Krackley Wheat is bread flour mixed with crushed wheat. This flour is great to use in rusks and bread. Mix krackley wheat with a half or quarter cake or white bread wheat flour to ensure lightness and moist baking results.

Semolina is a granular wheat. It can be used as a breakfast porridge, and it adds great texture and flavour to biscuits, breads, desserts, tarts and pie fillings. It is a wonderful thickening agent too.

Baking ready mixes are quick and easy, affordable and a flop proof way to get that delicious home made taste every time. They are so versatile so you can really get creative with them if you feel like adding your personal touch.

TIP: Flour should be sifted before use. Sifting works air into the flour for lighter and fluffier baking results. When sifting brown bread wheat flour and krackley wheat, tip the bran left in the sieve back into the flour

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