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Soomph sweetIn a non stick pot2 cups sugarLet it melt on low. Once melted take off the stove add 2 tblsp butter and 1 tblsp vinegar add 1 cup chopped almonds roasted coconut with soomph and mix together set on a non stick pan and break into piecesMeasurement for coconut I add and stir in little at a time mixture must not be dry needs to bind with the sugarAlso the soomph coloured sweet is optimal I just added a handful

Cornflakes sweets: Step 12 tblp Dessicated coconut4 cups cornflakes(crushed lightly)1/2 cup pecans1/2 cup Almonds choppedStep 22 Tblsp honey-2 tblsp Golden syrup1 tblsp brown sugar60 gr butterDash of vanilla extractMelt stove

MethodMix step 1 and 2 togetherPlace in cookie cups.put small cherries on topBake on 100 for +- 1/2 hourENJOY

Peanut brittle: 1 cup sugarPEANUT BRITTLE1 cup peanuts skin removed1/2 cup sesame seeds2 tsp gheePinch baking sodaMETHOD1) heat a thick based pan add sesame seeds n dry roast on medum heat till they splutter remove n keep aside2) to the same pan add tsp of ghee and add nuts for about a minute or 2 This will enchance the taste of the nuts remove n keep aside with sesame seeds4) grease foil with little ghee grease also a rolling pin with ghee which you will use to flatten the brittle5) add a tsp of ghee to the same pan rotate the pan with ghee so ghee gets coated to the pan add sugar spread and add 2 tsp of water6) keep the heat high and keep stirring when sugar starts melting reduce heat to low once sugar melts it starts changing colour7) keep stirring continuely sugar syrup will change colour to light brown? switch off stove n immediately add pinch of soda n roasted nuts n seeds9) mix till nuts n seeds well coated pour on the greased foil n flatten using greased rolling pin10) when it is warm draw lines according to desired shape once cool cut and store in air tight container

Amli.1cup brown sugar.1cupgolden syrupMelt on stoveAdd two pkt red aamliand 1 pkt black

Chillies to taste(abt 2tsp chillie powder)you may Add extra chillies.and 1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds.

Home med Bounty Bars....easy peasy!!

1st pic: Dessicated coconut n Condensed milk mix together2nd pic dwn: Mek oblong shapes n lay on tray3rd pic dwn: Chill in freezer4th pic up: Melt plain choc bar in microwave n coat de coconut bars5th pic dwn: kip on kitchen towel o greased tray6th pic: let it set


2 x 500g red or brown aamli2 cups brown sugar1 cup golden syrup2 tblsp red chillie powder1 tsp crushed red chilliesBoil sugar and syrup,add chillies..break aamli into pot and simmer over low heat until dry±10 mins...allow to cool and harden..roll in balls and tie in cellophane...

Souk Mouk

Ingredients1 cup dhana dholl1 cup saumph1 cup Cut up almonds toasted1 cup flaked coconut

DirectionsPut into a warm oven to toast for about 10 min. Not on a high heat after toasted addHalf cup saumph sweets (clean it first)Add 1 tsp of salt depending on taste. Add while mixture is warm.Do not put sweets in oven...be careful the coconut burns quickly so just monitor. Or do coconut seperatelyMum said do all seperately. They toast at different rates.Saumph and dholl can go together. U can even add more saumph sweets if u want

Coconut crunch

1,5 cups sliced coconut1 cup flaked almonds3 tbsp saumf1cup sugar1 tbsp butter1 tsp vinegar

Roast almonds, coconut and saumf separately in oven.Melt sugar on medium heat (do not use a spoon) just tilt non stick pot to spread sugarOnce melted remove from stove and add butter Mix thoroughly then add vinegar and stir quickly.Now add roasted ingredients mix well pour onto tray and flatten with a wooden spoon. Break into pieces whilst still hot.

Almond rocca

3/4 lb butter11/2 cups sugar11/2 tbspn liquid glucose11/2 cups almonds3 tbspn waterWhen butter & sugar melts then put liquid glucose n water n wait for toffee colour n then add almonds.

Cashew and Elachie Brittle:1 cup sugar1 cup cashews (toasted)1 tblsp butter1 tsp vinegar1/4 tsp elachie powder

METHOD:Melt sugar and elachie powder over low heat,Add butter and vinegarWhen liquid, add the toasted chopped peanuts,stir quicklyThrow into a flat tray,spread fast,Mixture will harden immediately,When cold break into pieces

Peanut brittle3cups sugar,3cups peanuts,2tblsp oil,1tblspvinegar put sugar n oil in boil n melt till it caramelise then add vinegar n peanuts n mix then pour into a greased pan n cut before it hardens



1 Kg Corn Flakes600 g Rice Crispies1 kg Raw Peanuts1 kg Sliced Coconut2 Onions, thinly sliced6 Potatoes6 Whole Green ChilliHandful of Curry Leave50 g Till50 g Whole Soomph200 g Macadamia Nuts200 g Almond200 g Cashew Nuts200 g Caramelised Macadamia Nuts200 g Caramelised Pecan / Almonds1 cup Sugar1/4 cup Chilli Powder1/2 cup SaltOil for FryingRed αη∂ Green Food ColouringKitchen paper


Toast Corn Flakes, Rice Crispies, Sliced Coconut, till αη∂ soomph in an oven under the grill until gold αη∂ crisp.

Combine all the above in a large dish.

Peel potatoes, wipe down with a damp kitchen towel (do not wash under water)

Grate potatoes αη∂ portion them into halve.

Colour one batch using the red food colouring αη∂ the other with the green food colouring.

In a pan, heat enough oil; add nuts αη∂ fry until done.

Drain on Kitchen paper αη∂ once access oil is removed (whilst still hot to the touch) combine with toasted corn flakes mix.

Using the same oil, fry grated potatoes, onions, curry leaves, whole chilli αη∂ follow the same process as above.

Add in the assorted nuts, sugar, chilli powder, αη∂ salt.

Toss well until well combined.

Store in an airtight bucket / container

Health Chevra

1 box cheerios1 box maximiser1 box weetbix honey flakes1 box rice krispies1 packet pretzels500g almonds500g pecans500g cashews500g macadamias1 cup sunflower seeds1 cup pumpkin seeds1 cup coconut flakesMelt 125g butter and pour over the above and roast all at 100degrees until crisp.

Vagaar125g butter1/2 cup oilSliced garlicSliced green chilliesSaltJeeroSomphCurry leavesChili powder to tastePaprikaMake vagaar with above And pour over.mix well. Enjoy!!

Pur Chevra

40 sheets pur (cut into small blocks)fry until golden,drain on paper towels 6 cups peanuts (roast with oil in oven)spice with salt and chillies In a pan sizzle the following 4 tablespoon sesame seeds,4 tablespoon poppy seeds,curry leaves,4 whole green chillies sliced,4 tablespoon red chillie powder,4 tablespoon lemon juice,4 tablespoon oil.. Add to pur and mix all together... Store in airtight container..

Millionaire chevro:

1box frosties1box cornflakes1box otees1box honeyflakes1box maximise1/2 box all bran1pkt sugared popcorn1pkt coloured popcorn1/2 kg peacans1/2 kg cashews1/2 kg badam1 kg nuts1 kg sliced coconutRoast all above in oven then add raisins and pretzols

Wagaar (tempering spices)ThullCus-cusOilMustard seedsSomphCurry leavesGreen chilliesMake wagaar and add 2 above

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