dried fruit pickles

dried fruit pickles 1 kg dried fruit -cut up into pieces1 cup vinegar}2 cups water}boil all three ingredients for +- 10mins. after boil add2 cups sugar}1/2 cup methie masala. mix & remove from stove. separately braise 2tablespoons sesame seeds, 5 cut up green chillies, curry leaves cut up(optional) in 3/4cup oil and add to rest of mixture.this recipe suppose to be a pickle but i enjoy eating it just like that.

lemon sweet and sour pickles .24 yellow big limes. – slice thickly and remove pips.place into pot with 3/4 cup sugar, 2tsp salt, and very little water. boil for 20-30mins remove from stove & cool.In a dish take 3cups 3/4litre white vinegar, 1/2 cup rough salt & mix altogether. Dissolve sugar & salt.Add cooled lemons to sugar syryp & to it add 3-4 cut up peppers, 1tsp jeera, cut up dried fruit-optional. mixMix altogether and refidgerate for a few days till syryp thickens.

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