Durban chicken curry 30 people recipe

Rooti & Durban chicken curry 30 people...

Ingredients:4 whole chicken ( clean, remove skin & cut in pieces)8 onions ( diced)Bunch danhia4 grated tomatoessmall sachet tomato paste ( to give it that rich orange color)14 potatoes (peeled & cubed)Oil ( for braising)6 big cloves of garlic1/2 Teaspoon ginger1 big chili2 green peppers6 cardamom pods4 Stick cinnamonCurry leavesSalt ( to taste)Tablespoon JeeraTablespoon barishapTablespoon cuminTablespoon corianderTeaspoon turmeric2 Tablespoon Durban hot masalaHeaped Teaspoon Hot curry1 kg frozen peasTablespoon sugar1 tin Coconut milk

Method:Salt chicken in bowl, add 1 teaspoon of jeera, barishap, cumin & coriander to chicken & rub in then add coconut milk and leave in fridge over night. Fry off all chicken in pan separately but just seal & brown. Put oil in pot on stove,when hot add diced onions, green peppers, garlic, ginger & add all whole spice in a net bag & put in pot. Just before onions are brown add fine spices and braise together with onion mixture. When onions mixture is nice golden brown add grated tomatoes,tomato paste,salt & sugar. When onions are transparent then add in potatoes. When potatoes are half soft then add in already fried & browned chicken. Just before chicken is cooked add in finely chopped danhia. Cooking time is 2 hours.

Rooti: makes 10-12 Times 3750 ml Cake flour45 ml oilTeaspoon salt275 ml Luke warm water50ml butter

Add dry ingredients in bowl, add oil in water separately and mix in quick shake bottle and then add to dry ingredients using a spatula. Once mixed through use your hand to mix all ingredients in a ball, then roll in long a long drumstick shape. Take a knife and cut in 10-12 balls. Use rolling pin to roll out each ball into a flat circle. Generously Smear butter on each rooti then add oil. Roll up roti & twist around. Put in container & then in freezer but do not freeze. Take out freezer then put in fridge until ready to roll out and fry each rooti in a dry hot pan.

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