Easy Eggless Pancakes

Woke up this morning to my now 3 year old's request for pancakes for birthday breakie. Since it's her special day, I'm like of course my baba, only to get to an eggless kitchen!

So I found this recipe and it's really delicious, though I'm not sure there's a pancake recipe that isn't, lol!

Easy Eggless Pancakes

1 cup cake flour1 1/2 cup milk1 tbsp Brown or white sugar1/2 tsp Salt1 tblsp oil1 tblsp Baking powderDiced Fruit/choc chips (optional)Butter/honey/syrup for topping

(Makes about 8 'american style' pancakes. Recipe doubles/halves easily)

Method:Mix flour,baking powder, salt and sugar with the whisk.Add milk along with oil and mix gently. Should be a slow, runny consistency.Add optional fruit or choc chips. Set aside for 10 minutes.After 10 minutes again give it a mix.Heat a skillet, grease with butter/spray n cook and pour one big laddle full of batter carefully, allow to spread.Wait until bubbles pop over the pancakes and the colour changes and flip carefully. Cook the other side for a minute and transfer to serving plate. Serve with butter, syrup and additional fruit.

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