Fluffy tasty roti recipe

Fluffy tasty roti's,,This recipe requires 2 flour mixtures:Ingredients for roti's:4cups cake flour2Cups cold water (not ice water) half cup fish oil1tbsp SaltButter just enough for each rotiIngredients for flour mixture:1cup flour2tbsp Mazena1tsp cream of tarterMethod:::In a large mixing bowl mix flour & salt adding fish oil to make a bread crumb mixture form a circle in middle of bowl add 1cup of water at a time making a soft dough if dough it still dry don't add more water the secret is to knee the dough until it soft to the touch,,roll out ur ball of dough and forming it into a long roll cut off pieces.Now in a seperate bowl add ur 1cup of cake flour, Mazena & cream of tartar mix all together.Roll out ur balls nice and big spreading butter and 1tbsp of mazena flour mixture roll it close forming a ball,, Remember u have to cut off 1 ball @ a time an fill with butter and mazena mix... Rest in fridge for 1hour before frying with butter & oil mixture.... Its like filling a pancake and rolling close to enjoy?

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