Food intolerance used to treat weight problems,arthritis and tiredness-health

Food intolerance used to treat weight problems,arthritis and tiredness

The British Advertising Standards Authority has concluded thatYorkTest Laboratories did not substantiate claims that certaintestimonials for its FoodScan food intolerance test were genuine andthat food intolerance tests could be used to treat weight problems,arthritis and tiredness. For many years, YorkTest has been promotingfood intolerance testing as a way to identify foods that, ifeliminated from a person's diet, could relieve a wide range ofsymptoms and conditions. The FoodScan test measures immune reactionsthat occur when a sample of the patient's blood is exposed to variousfood substances. The prevailing scientific view is that such testsare not trustworthy for diagnosing allergies or sensitivities. Thisis third time that the ASA has upheld complaints about advertisingfor the FoodScan test. For additional information see

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