For these past few months of Nevillizing...

For these past few months of Nevillizing... some of the many fun things that has happened!

  • My FIR gets so real, I have gripped objects and felt them in my hand!
  • Often, even when I am just walking somewhere, I find myself rolling a few hundred dollar bills in my hand.

My FIR of me acting and singing on the Broadway stage is so strong I manifested...

  1. A revival opportunity: When I arrived in NYC (1984), one of the plays I always wanted to be in was "Children of a Lesser God" which had just left Broadway.
  2. Figuring it may serve me well; I decided to take American Sign Language classes to brush up my self-taught limited skills. [At age 10, I portrayed the blind/deaf Helen Keller & learned ASL for the role].
  3. Made it to Level 6. Who knew that 15-years later I would meet a deaf man and ended up together for six years! We are still friends today, seventeen years this month.
  4. Now, I read they are having a revival of the play, "Children of a Lesser God" on Broadway and I am perfect for the hearing role if the mother -- and she needs to know ASL!
  5. And, as you know, I suddenly met Broadway actors Tony Shaloub and Brooke Adams; when my friend, a successful Actress/Singer was going to make an appearance at a film Festival. She is friends -- and has been in Broadway years ago -- she invited Tony and Brooke and introduced me so wonderfully--as a professional and her talented friend!

There are a couple glitches.

  • My birthday is Thursday. Which is a plus!

Regarding Children of a Lesser God.

  • The auditions are this week, too. My AEA dues are behind. And the auditions are for paid-up AEA members.
  • I have three days -- maybe another week (at most) to come up with nearly $1,000 for my storage.
  • Plus the nearly $90 for my union dues.

I am looking to the end, of what I actually want, yet what is in the way of getting my outcome manifest?

I can say...

  • The storage does have an auction date. I keep seeing me having all my belongings, touching it, organizing it as it's delivered to my own apartment in Manhattan.
  • Admittedly, though, as the auction date approaches, I am feeling some fear coming in...[I lost a storage unit a few months ago to auction. It felt like a house burning to the ground].
  • I got a job that would have had it paid by now. Yet, the job keeps having glitches in the system [on-line job] and thus no pay.
  • I am seeing all my paying clients and paying students thanking me, loving me as their LOVING TEACHER.
  • And here I am... no paying clients and money nearly done to $0.00
  • The things I can sell, to get these things met smoothly (besides a couple of paying students -- as that would definitely get me caught up and a little extra) -- are in the storage.
  • I have offered them for sale, yet any interested buyers want photos.
  • I cannot enter the unit, to take a picture, until I pay it. And I know I could get the storage to agree to open it...the other catch is... .* I have to get money or a free ride to another state. Because the storage is in NJ and I am in NY.

I was playing with that in FIR. I know to go to the end. Yet, going so far -- to the apartment in Manhattan -- makes me a bit nervous.

I did it with FIR and seeing me in the truck, with the movers and putting my storage near me (here in Queens) easy and no issue at all! As that is the current goal -- to get it in the same state and near enough to go through it. I have needed to organize, purge, sell and simplify for some years.

Any help to get this financial situation to what is truly needed. And I want it easy! No more "paying my dues" with awful or boring "day jobs" keeping me from auditions.

I am God! I deserve financial super success, all the time!"

My roommate keeps repeating her lack to me, about me.

For example, I had about $18 left today. I decided to postpone my therapist appointment until next week. 1) because I don't want to spend $5.50 for the round-trip on the subway today, 2) as I'd rather use the $18 for some food.

My roommate knew I had an appt. today and asked why I wasn't going. I told her I didn't want to spend the money on subway fare (plus, I have found I really do not/have not gotten much out of the year or so therapy). I really figure things out with the gold of Neville & learning from twenty46004 & Victoria. Plus my years in the learning, playing and spiritual field.

Her comment was something about me, "So you can go to Taco Bell, but won't go to the therapist"

She also says something about "wasting money" if I buy a bottle of Peach Ice Tea Snapple instead of "something good" or mentions my weight.

"I guess you don't care about your weight, then?"

Since Neville, I usually don't pay much attention anymore. I send her loving thoughts. Oddly, the more I do that, the more she picks at me.

I know her picking at me is mirroring me.

what do you want... to pay your dues, or to have the part?

one is a middle.. based on nothing but some fact you can either assume is true.. or you can assume you have the part

on the rest.. what do you actually want?... get clear on THAT.. and go to the end

I want my things! Paid and safe...that I am clear on.

Yes, I do want the role!

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I read this a few times.... I keep reading "middles".....

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Even "stuff paid and safe".... Sounds like a middle....

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In the moving truck.... Middle....

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Details about "the problems" - - which are middles.....

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What's the REAL end?

The real end? Condo in Manhattan, financial success doing what I love, and money coming in even when I am just enjoying rest & relaxation, or vacationing, producing a Broadway or Off Broadway show and acting/singing in it.

The financial success... means... to complete my list NOW I want yesterday!

Just for fun....

I'd play with ONLY THE COFFEE GAME - for each of those....

Everyday, I want to KNOW "storage paid" and available to me and no "auction date" at all.

I want to be that "proud member of AEA" going to the stage door for my Broadway debut show -- actually, I often go to the closing night of my Broadway debut! Curtain call and standing ovation, etc!

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Just mentioning all that.... To encourage both MOVING to the end and exploring so you can notice the middles.... I'm curious about the students / money part.... Is that something you want - to be teaching.... Or is it a temp thing - to surive until performing takes off?

It's a good question. I do love the teaching, admittedly. Performing is my true and first love.

Teaching is definitely a close 2nd.

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All I can think of is wow cool! Tony Shaloub! Loved Monk & used to be married to an Egyptian and Shaloub is Lebanese & we used to watch Monk. Except a couple of times it was too gorey for me. And my ex saw & liked him in 13 ghosts too

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After much work, and still going step by step; and wonderful feedback from yet another student -- and guidance from twenty46004 and greg5676 and all those who continue to guide here.

To shut up the naysayers who judge me -- ones that are a bit more difficult to get away from -- to no longer feel they have a reason to chastise me for being in debt, or how I spend my money.

What do I want? I want all my bills/loans -- all of them are past due -- paid in full [yesterday] in one full swoop. Plus, an few thousand or more, for me to get to doing exactly what I just enjoy doing.

A year with "plenty of money and more than enough" to enjoy auditions, booking jobs, teaching when I feel like it and have my own -- easy to pay for -- apartment in Manhattan. No need or worry about food stamps, or my storage being auctioned off (no storage as all my things are with me). No issue if I want to go to a retreat in Sedona, AZ or join a gym, pay my union dues, getting my hair done professionally and headshots; take another Photography Course...

And just simple things, such as getting my clothes laundered more than once-a-month, taking friends to dinner/Broadway shows; paying my own bills, without having to talk someone to helping me out just to get subway fare.

That's my coffee game (tea for me)!

Sitting on the roof garden of my building in Manhattan, with my friends; seeing, hearing and feeling safe, secure that I do not owe one cent to anyone and have the choice to do what excites me!

All without having to take yet another "day job" as an Administrative Assistant!

Is that asking too much? Too much of my divine self -- I am God!

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I quit reading this...

try writing it again.. do not mention one tiny bit of what you don't want... just quit telling that if it's not what you want...

and skip the middles... and also the how's like.... "in one full swoop." that's a how...

don't try and figure out how. or what schedule.. or what sequence... and quit adding in all the stuff you don't want

lastly... are you playing with making there here with familiar places.. places you already frequent everyday?

how many different desires are you playing with the good day with?.. 2?.. 6?... 19?

On the making there here, greg5676... I haven't done that; at least, I don't think so.

Please tell me more... am I right in imagining my current room (I rent), or my Manhattan condo? I am close to Manhattan--being in Queens, NY. And I spend as much time in Manhattan as possible. …#

on making there here.. it's an exercise that Abdullah gave Neville to practice everyday... I practice it everday.. have for nearly two decades

you have to learn how to MOVE in imagination.... and this exercise is the way you do that…#

now along with that.. go to the files section of the group.. there is a file for the good day method..

start taking that and play with at least a half dozen fun desires everyday

greg5676, to clarify. I do the exercise, from here (where I am) -- then next, after that part. I am in my Manhattan condo at Christmas remembering the place I lived in during September?

I am here, in my room in Queens. I leave my body here as I imagine I …#

ok.. the "exercise".. is practice.. like moving to different rooms within your house

in a session.. you also have to make there here, then now…#

One is playing scales.... The other is having played music...

Yes, that's actually very easy for me... as my friends and family will tell you, "Angela lives in a fantasy world!"

In short, I am often somewhere else. And a lot has manifested!…#

Doing this exercise is pretty fun. For eg, yesterday, I was looking for some silverware that I had used just the day b4. I was getting super frustrated. So I went back to my imagination or memory of me eating that nite. Then I think I just wen…#

kattalina726, yes, love to clarify!

Hey angela278 I just found this story from a few years ago. It is excellent and maybe it can also help or inspire u.?

I know it definitely inspired me!

kattalina726, you and greg5676 (love the Good Day Method, just did three for various things) and twenty46004 & Victoria -- you have all made this the best day before and Birthday ? for me!

Life really does begin at 54-years-young! #OvernightSensation -- an…#

angela278. Yay! Happy birthday go have a coffee or special beverage and celebrate..!?

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