From Feeling lost to be Powerful Creators A journey in our minds If...

From Feeling lost to be Powerful Creators A journey in our minds If you grew up, as me, in the sixties of the last century, you had to deal with some limiting believes. Those believe were probably running in your family, transmitted by your hard working parents who did their best to be part of the “Wirtschaftswunder”. Our intellectual awakening was accompanied by not very encouraging catch words. Starting with the Vietnam War, Oil Crisis, the North-South Conflict, Middle East conflict, Apartheid, the Cold War with the Nuclear Arms Race, Ozone Hole, the Club of Rome released the “Limits of growth” and if you are a German as me, you also had to deal with the fact, that you have absolutely no reason of being proud of your nationality, because of the Holocaust. Nice package. My generation had no visions. I remember that some of my friends were giving statements like: How can we ever give birth to children in such a lost world. We definitely felt as the age group without visions. Just the Hippies looked at the world in a different way The hippie movement was opposing the mainstream. I never felt familiar with people who were just sitting around, full of marihuana, starring at the wall with empty eyes, and listening to Iron Butterflys “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida “. In the review, I have to admit, the hippie culture was the only movement that gave a perspective and opened paths in different ways. It impresses me very often that entrepreneurs, people who precede with a completely new approach on problems and also leaders in the spiritual world have been part of the hippie movement themselves or their parents were. The political and environmental background is one part that shaped our mind. The other part is the scientific view on our world. Until today, mainstream scientist are telling us, that we are living in a universe operating as single parts, a self operating machine. Against all findings of quantum physics, Newton’s idea of a mechanical universe, the “matter first” principle is still in the college books. Newton´s formulas operate perfectly to describe the physical world. This is why we look at them as they are edged in stone. The New York Times published in 2014 an article: “Our Lonely Home in Nature” nurturing exactly this view on our world: we are here by accident. The publishing world is still driven by the standard, orthodox materialistic worldview. Science is leading us to a world without purpose I grew up with the believe human beings are a load for planet earth. We are destroying biodiversity, consuming much too many resources, growing too much as a species. In conclusion: mother earth would take a deep breath of releasing at that day, when we would disappear from the planet. There were computer simulated scenarios: melting polar ice caps in interplay with thereby diminishing rural areas and growing world population. Hosts of emaciated Africans who knock on the door of prosperity-generating Europe - a horror scenario! No false assumptions: this is not about denying human kind caused environmental problems, but asking the question, what is it doing with our mind? How is it shaping our consciousness as a human? And it leads to Einstein’s significant quote: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created the problem.” We couldn’t be farer away from the latest results of modern science with a self understanding of simply being a disturbing and destroying factor on the planet. We need to close the gap from a consciousness of a disturbing factor to a powerful creator Robert Lanza, who was called by the same New York Times as “One of the three important scientist alive today”, describes his concept of “Biocentrism” this way: “Life creates the universe rather than the other way around. Switching the perspective from physics to biology undoes everything we know about the universe and life in it. We think that life is just an accident of physics, but a long line of experiments suggest exactly the opposite. And amazingly: if you add life and consciousness to the equation you can explain some of the biggest puzzles of live.” Years earlier, Einstein put it in his own words: “Everyone who is seriously engaged in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that the laws of nature manifest the existence of a spirit vastly superior to that of men.” This provides the entry point, that there must be a creator and maybe we are part of this creator. For me, this was a way too big step to go. As a non-religious person, with an intellectual background as described above, I couldn’t accept that things are exactly in opposite to what they seemed to be my entire life. On the other hand: The Big Bang theory never worked for me, as for a lot of others either. It let´s too many questions open. What was before? Who or what gave the initial ignition? In the end, it is nothing more but a myth. Bruce Lipton, the American pioneer in the science of stem-cells, played an important role to me. He built the bridge. Starting by the smallest unit of human being –the cells- he gave me with his eye-opening teachings the missing piece for understanding. There was one experiment that changed his entire life: He discovered that genetically identical cells changed behavior and grew to different cells by changing the culture. We need to consider, that this results were completely in opposite to the prevailing view on genetic determination of the prestigious science. The conclusion, that the environment und in further assumptions the observer and the observers perception influence the morphology and also the behavior of cells, was absolutely contradicting to scientific teachings. Lipton decided to leave the medical school where he was teaching and to step on a new path. In the meanwhile he is regarded as one of the leaders in the field of “Epigenetic”. The interesting point is that the scientific society behaved in a very non scientific way: They simply ignored these facts. It´s a very human reaction to ignore facts that flings us out of our comfort zone, but it is in no way scientific at its core. We are more than a collection of cells and molecules that classical science describes. Researchers who did the double slit experiment, found them confronted with the same reactions: Physicists were reassuring the findings are weird and probably just right in the micro cosmos. But of course, the laws that operate in the micro-cosmos do so in the macro cosmos as well. The only reason, why we are so surprised by the experimental findings of quantum theory is because we are still operating in a severally outdated paradigm. The answer to the question, why these insights have to change our view on life, on the universe and on our role as humans, is very simple: If matter behaves in a completely different way as we have always believed, we need to over think simply everything. I highly recommend not just to study the double slit experiment, but also to think about the conclusions that have to be made. Most of us are no scientist, but we have a scientific understanding. It is partly shaped by our education and to another part coming from our nature who is longing for a complete understanding of our self. If our mind is not trained to go in such deep matters, we need some time to understand it completely. But it is worth to take this time. And for a non-scientific person it’s easier to follow the conclusions, as there is nothing to lose. It´s proven, that a new discovery in the scientific world needs 10 to 15 years to enter the text books. The good news is that we can take a short path. Let´s take science seriously and measure it by its own standards: question everything, believe nothing, and be open to results of experiments and willing to through away old patterns. We have to come to one simple conclusion then: Reality is a process that involves your consciousness. Think about it for a while! These are tremendous insights! And here comes another reason why it is so surprising for us: We never dared to look at ourselves as such an important, powerful creation. New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden who left his career as First Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems, is renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. He expresses it that way: “Once we become aware of the paradigm-shattering discoveries and true-life miracles, we must think of ourselves differently. And that difference is where the spontaneous healing of belief begins.” Studying latest insights of modern science might turn your whole world upside down. In my personal world, all this came at a point, when everything changed in my life: Separation from my husband, moving out into a new house, starting a new business. But I need to say, the most dramatically changes were happening inside of me. Because my mindscape was crashing down as the skyscrapers at nine eleven. I remember, that my children asked me in these days, why I am always listening to such a stupid radio station. My answer was: “Because it is the only thing in my life that did not change!” And that was no joke. Lanza says, our job is to replace old physics with a new biology. And maybe he is right and the old model has reached the end of its useful life. Science is amazingly good in figuring out how the pots work, but what delouses us is the big picture. After 300 years of scientific grounded thinking we look at the universe as a lifeless collection of particles, just bouncing around each other. I want to encourage everybody to step in a wonderful practice and embrace the new discoveries. To step into these mental processes is an amazing journey that transcends our classical way of thinking. Isn´t it amazing to understand, that we are NOT a victim of our genes, that we are NOT a single operating organism? Isn’t it amazing to discover that we are NOT simply a physical accident without meaning? It might have an incredible impact in your personal life to study the teachings of Robert Lanza, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden, the great thinkers who open a new approach on science today. I want to close with a poem: “Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a divine letter. You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that.”


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