From the Inbox: "I feel like giving up...

From the Inbox: "I feel like giving up. I've been reading loa books for 5 years now, and this crap doesn't work. Why should I even bother learning Neville now?" - Frustrated in Frankfurt.

Here's notes from our reply. (What would you have said?)

"Based on your emails to us and your comments on facebook you might want to give up - a couple things - like these:"

  1. Give up the belief that 'the power" is something / someone outside of you instead of getting you are the power.

  2. You give up hoping that this might work, instead of having faith that it does - because of what you truly are. (See point #1)

  3. Give up wanting money to help your family (who you state are all poor with money). Stop imagining them "poor with money" and instead - imagine your family becoming great with money, and IMAGINING what they each want in life. (Don't give them a fish, teach them how to fish - after imagining them fishing like experts.)

  4. Give up reading "loa experts" and drop almost all of the 37 facebook groups you are on - and for 90 days - study Neville and Feel It Real with all your free time. And while you are at it...

  5. Get dirty. Go out and live your life like it actually does matter. Waiting to do what you love and putting off participating in your passions - until you "hit the big one" is often just an avoidance strategy. Imagine the best, imagine your success and get dirty.

And when ever you think you've got it right - DIVE DEEPER.

Have fun!

(Any questions, comments?) (What would you have said?)

![From the Inbox: "I feel like giving up...]( "From the Inbox: "I feel like giving up...")

Thank you!

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Frustrated in Frankfurt: Seems to me that you immediately had the answer to your question when you stated "You have been reading LOA books for 5 years and that stuff does not work" Well that was your innerself revealing to your outer senses that its PAST time to try something else. I asure you that if you try Neville for even 5 DAYS YES DAYS you will begin to see and feel the shift!!!! I'm not just talking I've done it for myself and I believe it was day 3 when I was able to share my excitement!!! Try it.....? Peace


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It`s crazy. Now that i realize i am God, the more aware i am of how others put their power and happiness outside of themselves. Someone dear to me was talking about how they feel like they are begging and pleading with god to grant them their wish and desires and nothing is happening. I mentioned that they are the power and its their own wonderful imagination that is not allowing their desires to come about, while begging for a power outside of them to make it happen.

Good on you Patrick! It's AMAZING to me, the lengths people go through, to INSIST that they are small, separte and VICTIMS to everything.... Because once you start GETTING IT... Wowsers!

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When i mentioned this to my family member, they gave me a look like, "what, i can create my own recovery and health?" I said yes, see yourself as already healed and having what you desire now.

"What would imply you are healthy?" - - Imagine that - experience that as real - now. Whoo yah!

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Great response. So I know I'm blonde and all... but could you please explain what Neville is?? I have not heard of this before.

Blonde is a lovely color. Search enjoy ?

Good one andrew457!

Thank you.?

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It seems to me that my beliefs, past, and conditioning are being filtered through my imagaination. If i believe that i must perform a certain ritual before i can have what i desire, that that is usually the path i take.

I used to "smoke the pipe" like my Native American mentors taught me to. Then I woke up to.....

One of their teachings. "What we smoke, is the thank you plant. When you breathe it in, when you smell it, thankfulness moves within you and when you breathe it out - it expands into all of creation...."

And i got - all ritual - all ceremony (that's well done) is nothing more than fingers pointing to the moon. Reminders of the truths tha work.

It wasn't "the pipe or the tobacco or the ceremony" - it was the FEELING THANKFUL that it was already done.?

Thank you for sharing Twenty Twenty. It all comes back to Feelings.

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thank you Mr TT

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Suzan Patrick I believe Mr. 2020 usually has a pinned post at the top of this page which introduces the Neville Goddard concept. If it is not there trust me he will chime in and offer you a starting point. I don't want to overstep my bounds on this forum. Peace?

Thank you. I haven't seen or heard of it or him before. Thank you for passing it on. Someone did post a link.

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Some people do get out there and live what they like. Then they get tired of doing it Alone. Get tired of starting everything alone. Living alone. Even shopping alone becomes mundane. Changing it up is just doing it alone in a different place. It's not even about the money. That's always available. It's about meeting the people you click with. I can meet and do things with thousands of people, but if I don't click, I'm still alone.

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I would tell him that I spent 40 years studying metaphysics and was a teacher of same. Always knew that there was a piece of the puzzle missing and kept searching for it. Upon finding Neville Goddard books, Mr. TwentyTwenty and, I found my answer!

Good one sheila6496. Forty years.... and now here we are. Good on you for STILL SEARCHING and for being willing to FIND.?

Twenty Twenty, I was wandering in the desert.?

40 years.... Yep. 40 days and 40 nights....?

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