Another favourite South African fridge tart. My mom always made this on birthdays and special celebrations. It is super light, super delicious and super ideal for hot summer months. The recipe is adaptable too… substitute your choice of fruit pulp and jelly.

Ingredients: 1 packet tennis biscuits or any substitute (Graham crackers, Arnott's Nice biscuits, Maria’s, Nilla wafers, Krispies Coconut – add a sprinkle of coconut on top) 1 can evaporated milk, chilled for ±24 hours 1 envelope gelatin, dissolved in ¼ cup boiled water (Or 1 packet lemon jelly dissolved in 1 cup boiling water) Pulp of 8 granadillas or 2 small cans 1½ cup sugar

Method: Line a large glass dish (around 12×9 inch) with tennis biscuits. Beat the ideal milk until 3 times the volume. The ideal milk must be refrigerated for a minimum of 24 hours. On the stove, melt the sugar and granadilla over low heat, mix/beat until you get a nice yellow colour. Dissolve the gelatin in the water, stirring well. OR dissolve the jelly in the water. Mix everything together and pour into the glass dish. Crumble a few biscuits over the top. Refrigerate until set.


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