1 small tub of Granadilla yoghurt 1 Can Ideal Milk (Chilled) 1 Lemon Jelly 1 cup hot water 1 small can of Granadilla Pulp Cream (Optional for serving) READY MADE CRUNCHY GRANOLA BASE (From As Easy As Pie 4 U)

Bake READY MADE crust for about 5 minutes on 180 degrees Mix jelly with 1 cup hot water and let it cool down Whip chilled Ideal Milk until it's thick and frothy Add cooled jelly to the frothy Ideal milk mixture Add tub of yoghurt and mix gently Add Granadilla Pulp Add mixture to READY MADE CRUSTS. Refrigerate and top with Granadilla Pulp

E N J O Y!!!

This should make enough for 3 Bases.

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