Guide for making herbal formulas- health

The must-have guide for making herbal formulas-

I love this part of herbal medicine! There’s something super magical about combining different herbs together to make something totally unique and specific for either yourself or someone you’re helping.

But in order to create a truly effective herbal formula, there are some critical strategies you have to keep in mind every time.

If you want to learn those strategies so you can create your own herbal formulas with ease and accuracy -- check out the 3rd video in Sajah Popham’s Vitalist Herbalism Mini-Course he’s sharing for free right now:

In this complimentary course, you're going to learn:

• The 5 key strategies for creating an herbal formula • The 8 things you need to know about every plant you work with • The 3 things about a person you need to know before you give them any herbs

Click below to get The Pillars of Strategic Formulation Video Class + The Holistic Formulation Guidebook:


Enjoy the lesson!

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