Halaal bunny chow, chicken, salomies and rolls recipes

SELECTION TAKE-AWAYS (Halaal)C/O Goulburn & Milton Rd, GoodwoodContact 061 415 7145


BUNNY CHOW· 1/2Chicken-R45.00· Full Chicken-R70.00· ½ Mutton-R52.50· Full Mutton-R80.00

GATSBY'S· Chicken-R69.50· Steak-R81.00· Polony-R45.00· Vienna-R55.00· Full house steak -R90.00

ROLLS· Chip Roll-R15.00· Vienna Roll-R18.00· Hot Dog-R20.00· Boerewors Roll -R20.00

SANDWICHES· Egg & Cheese-R18.00· Chicken & Mayo -R25.00· Egg & Mayo-R18.00· Steak-R30.00· Full house-R35.00

BURGERS· Chicken burger -R29.00· Egg & Cheese-R25.00· Steak burger-R30.00· Beef burger-R29.00· Full house-R35.00

SALOMIES· Mince-R30.00· Steak-R40.00· Chicken-R35.00

ExtrasMedium chips-R18.00Large chips-R30.00

Chicken/Mince samoosa –R 4.00

Cup cake-R 6.50

Koeksister’s – R3.50 each (Available on SUNDAY only)

To place your orders please contact:May on 061-415 7145

Orders:Lunch Orders to be placed by 10h30 am,Dinner Orders to be placed by 15h00 to avoid delays, please enquire about daily Lunch/Supper specials

We also do catering for all funcations

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