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Heart issues

We may have found a cause for my constantly excessively fast heart rate, and my arm, back and chest pain. But it's not really something I want to hear. After seeing the cardiologist and undergoing that horribly long study, I felt a bit like the Dr was simply covering up the symptoms instead of finding an underlying cause, so I have not taken the high blood pressure meds (I don't have high blood pressure, and I know from pregnancy they make me drop dead tired-not a way I want to live). I decided to see someone i hadnt gone to in 10 years, but would look at issues from a slightly more natural approach, my chiropractor.

After a lot of tests, slight, gentle manipulation, he has confirmed something for me and come up with an alternative theory. He thinks that it has a neurological source...my spinal cord. About 4 years back, I fell off my hubby's shoulders, free fall, and landed square onto the thin bar of a luggage rack that was set up perpendicular to my spine somewhere on my uppermost back-thats all that caught me, nothing else. Instantly, I couldn't move or feel anything, had the wind knocked out of me, and the first thing I blurted to my hubby when i was less confused was "don't move me!" This went on for nearly 30 minutes according to hubby (both of is were completely sober believe it or not). When my feeling and movement started to Come back, we decided that a Dr must not be necessary bc if you break your back, your paralyzed, right? Anyway, I was sore, getting shocking sensations, was numb/tingly down my arms/upper back for quite a long time, then symptoms kind of left. They have come and gone every so often since, but have returned and stayed since second trimester of pregnancy. Right now, the pain is unbearable, especially when driving a car, doing certain tasks, etc. It's so intense, they suspected a cardiac problem, obviously.

Well, my chiropractor did a bunch of movement and touch tests and said something is absolutely not right somewhere with my nerves and proved to me how he knows-he touched along side my upper neck and my right arm felt the shocking/tingling issue I've been having, then also immediately got goosebumps, when the rest of me had none. He did several things to show me issues. He didn't adjust me, because he was worried of further damage without knowing what an MRI might find, so he is going to be writing to my Dr, suggesting she checks me and sees of she suspects the same thing, then he's suggesting she refer me to a neurologist.

He said to me very plainly, that he highly suspects I broke my back in the fall (he thinks a traverse fracture of something), that it healed, but that pregnancy hormones did what they're supposed to do and loosened ligaments, etc, which also irritated the injury that I never sought medical attention for. He listed like 5 things he's highly suspicious of due to the fall-none of them slipped discs or something like that, all of them more serious. He thinks that somehow one of the nerves being irritated is the one that controls heart rate, and reactions we have no conscious control over. He warned me that if he's correct surgical intervention could be one of the only options. ?

My hubby is also taking the news pretty hard because I technically fell off his shoulders and he feels responsible. In addition, his dad had back surgery when he was a kid and is now deep in a opioid addiction. I've always said the one surgery is never do was back because they're never successful. We feel like we got hit by a truck yesterday. Gosh. ??

wow, but you felt, that all your history and this episode has merit to pursue. I hope the neurologist can localize. When is the baby due.

I had baby a while ago, actually. Hes almost 18 months ?

Congrats. So now you can pursue all avenues for causes.

Yes, I am grateful for that. I don't know it would have been thought of without his insight. They just wanted to cover up the fast hr with meds, and ignore the pain.

well all specialist focus on their specialty. At least you have a base line cardiac work up and you may not clearly fit 'dx name?____" so frustrating. BUT you definitely had acute injury to spine. I think the Chiropractor letter of his findings will guide the Primary to determine referrals.

Yes, honestly, she probably would have referred me herself if I had ever thought it could possibly be an issue with my back! My chiro just happened to ask the right questions and suddenly there was an "uh oh" moment

I had back surgery in March 2016, it was the best thing I ever did, it took my back pain away completely! I went to a Neurosurgeon, he was my saving grace! I laid in the floor for 5 days when I hurt my back I could not walk then made it to a chiropractor, then after things were not better to MRI then to the surgeon.. He removed some bone to make room for nerves that were being pinched..

Thank you for sharing! That's really encouraging. I only know people who their back surgeries didn't work as hoped and it scares the living heck out of me bc I'm so young (29) and don't want to miss out on that much of life ?

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I really wish insurance would have better coverage for chiropractic care. I am off all of my Crohn's disease meds since I started seeing my chiropractor 13 years ago. He has helped my body heal from so many things. Happy for you that your chiropractor is taking an interest in your condition. Hope you get some clearer answers and relief soon

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With out taking any neuroligical issues into account, because we don't know yet what they are, a cardiac abaltion can be a procedure used to stop to high heart rates. That is by entering a large vessel in your groin usually, the area causing the issue is located with a type of electrode and then it's basically "burned" so it doesn't trigger the hearts electrical system to beat that fast. It's minimally invasive and effective. I've been in cardiac nursing for most of my nursing career, so I wanted to share that as a possibility, if your cardiologist hasn't already mentioned it, and outside any neuroligical findings you might get. I think you have a very good chiropractor and I hope you get the necessary tests to find out.

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That sounds awful!? In the spirit of wanting to offer up some hope... My mother had back surgery that was very successful as well as my aunt... no more pain. My grandmother broke her back in two places when she was younger and had to have it fused. She lost a bit of range of motion, but did not end up in chronic pain either. Hopefully, if surgery is needed, you will get some relief too.

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Wow, that's quite a history and a good chiropractor! Be grateful he is on the job, whatever it is it will be better addressed sooner than later. It is certainly something that needs to be checked out, regardless of heart rate problems ( may still be a seperate issue ). I suspect he thinks the thoracic sympathetic plexus is being irritated, possible indeed. At very least it is likely to be responsible for referred nerve pain in arm and neck. Don't panic just yet, not all spinal surgery is major even if you need it. Don't cross bridges before you get to them, panic won't help anything especially now. Make sure you rest and no lifting or prolonged sitting! These increase intra spinal pressure. Gentle heat and gentle massage of muscles ( which are working overtime to support spine ) may help, and if hubby is feeling bad that's a nice way for him to help. Lie on your side, pillow under top arm and knee and relax, if massage is gentle it's not going to hurt your spine as it's nowhere near stresses of daily activity! Good luck. I'm in a similar boat, probably need a laminectomy, but as a physio I can gratefully say, wow they have improved since I graduated ( incision tiny in comparison and recovery much quicker )

Wow you sure do know a lot! Thank you for your response! I saw him for the second time this week and he actually brought tears to my eyes this time when he decided to do a very slight adjustment.

He said that my spine is reacting very complicated/weird because of something that i dont fully understand, but basically somewhere was more movable than he's ever seen before in my upper back. He said it's very strange. We're looking at xrays on friday. I'm feeling like I'm in limbo, although I know stuff is happening. I'm hella sore everywhere and am missing my old soaker tub like never before lol

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So, so sorry! While my neck was not fractured but destroyed by my RA I have C5,C6,C7 fused for over 10 years. I now have C8 nerve damage in left arm from whiplash. I was terrified of the surgery. It was successful! I could not hold my head up before the surgery. If not for the dude talking on a phone rear ending us in 2912 the C8 nerve would still be okay. Had two lumbar back in early 2000. Still have reoccurring sciatica on/off numbness. Overall my neck surgery IMO was a success. I'm not 100% and never will be. I lost a little side to side movement. Mind was anterior approach with two titanium plates with stem cells from cadaver for healing. My brother had fusion in his with bone. He lost more movement then me. Overall his was successful fusion too. Good Luck! ??

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Thank you! I love hearing these successful stories! It makes me feel way better, everyone I know, theirs were unsuccessful

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There is no doubt my back is part of the issue at least, although I wouldn't be surprised if my fast hr was due to something else. Upon sitting up last night, and again today, my back has popped on its own and been so incredibly painful, the level of pain and type that sent me to the dr. in the first place. When it does this it doesn't sound like a popping sound, it sounds like a strange crunching spine and feels like something is grinding-not like a normal joint popping, followed very quickly by the pain ?

*crunching sound (Not crunching spine).

It's also been followed by fire/ice feelings in the general area, with the same arm pain/shocks/tingling

Sorry to hear you are in more pain. ?

Honestly, although it sucks, at least it's less of a mystery ?

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