Heat strokes from autonomic dysnomia-health

Heat strokes from autonomic dysnomia

Had the nurse today that was making hubby mad as she kept on about the heat being a discomfort. She had the heat on and it was 75 degrees at 6:30am. I also have heat strokes from autonomic dysnomia so heat is two old problem for me. I might as well talked to a wall. Should have tooled EM handout and Cleveland autonomic lab's notes/ diagnosis with me. The hospital that did my bi-lateral TMJ joint replacements thanked me for the notes and put them in my chart, I told Jim she's not going to be in the OR and we will see the anthesiologist "spelling" shortly and he is who matters. I will give it to her that she was able to get the IV on the 1st try. A rarity for me. Her demeanor changed when she heard me speaking with the doctor. My blood pressure spiked several times from the autonomic dsynomia. I later her some of the nurses saying she's weird one their. My feet and hand were beet red. Not sure if they were talking about me or not. If so, they are letting someone else rest. If you don't like people or are too narrow minded to learn especially dealing with people's lives move on to another profession.

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