Hello Everyone - My song "Forever with us-Our Rock N Roll Angels" now...

Hello Everyone - My song "Forever with us-Our Rock N Roll Angels" now has ADDITIONAL verses honoring Janis Joplin, Bill Haley plus this last weekend I added the Big Bopper, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and George Harrison. so here are my thoughts.... A. I keep my original tune - not too long and leave out verses and keep the extras for live venues or..... B. I make it into 2 seperate songs with the same beat and just call them both part 1 and the other part 2

or (as a last resort) I can ditch some of these verses entirely and just choose the BEST ones. so here is a chance for you guys & gals out there to choose your favorite verses and let me know WHICH verses I should keep in case I do one song only....please reply and thank you from the bottom of my heart and remember - I still need a band to play this! And I still need someone (a producer?) to record them.....preferably in the twin cities of Minnesota and now...here with ALL the NEWEST VERSES (at the end of the song) is "Forever with us - Our Rock N Roll Angels"

(Please check out the new verses and remember to HEAR this tune -minus a few verses - click on my picture of me as a little boy - next post below this one- this will play the song)

Note: song can be as long or as short as singer/band wants - verses can also be added or taken out - Ken looking for producer to record and a band to play it call 612-462-8535 or email [email protected] if interested

Words & Music by: Ken Marth

Forever with us - Our Rock and Roll Angels

Oh where is John Lennon – He gave peace a chance He’s now up in heaven – And the Angels all dance He left us too early – Oh why did he go He’ll not be forgotten – Cause I loved him so

Oh where is Jim Croce – Did he fly away? Just like Buddy Holly –He just could not stay They left us too early – Oh why did they go They’ll not be forgotten – Cause I loved them so

Oh tell me wheres Elvis? – Did he pass away? Like John, Jim and Buddy – He just could not stay The King left to early – Why did he have to go? His legends forever – Cause the world loved him so

Oh somewhere in heaven – There playing there songs The angels are dancin – And singing along When I go to heaven – The music won’t end Cause when I go to heaven – I’ll see them again


Oh where is Rick Nelson – That traveling man Like all of the others – He’s now in Gods hands He left us too early – Oh why did he go? He’ll not be forgotten – Cause I loved him so

Oh Where is David Bowie? – He’s up with the stars A part of Gods Heaven – among Jupiter and Mars He left us to early – Oh why did he go? So long Ziggy Stardust – I still love you so

Oh wheres Michael Jackson? – Did an angel appear And take him to heaven – God wanted him near An Icon has left us – He’s now up above But his memory and music – Still fill us with love

Oh somewhere in heaven – He’s singing his songs Moon walking and dancing – This great one is gone His star is a bright one – Among stars of the night Forever apon us – With his Musical light


Oh wheres Whitney Houston? – She’s in our lords hands Another sweet angel – In Gods heavenly band The music she left us – Shall fill heaven above And I know god is smileing – As she sings greatest love

Now we’ve lost another – A great one – Glen Fry He’s soaring in heaven – Where Eagles do fly He left us to early – this Eagle took flight And left us sweet memories – with our heartache tonight

Oh Wheres Eddie Cochran - with his orange guitar He's up with Gene Vincent - both heavenly stars There Rocking and Rolling - and God rocks along there Rock and Roll angels - and there music lives on!

Oh Somewhere in Heaven - the Dance flooor is filled Gods rock and roll Angels - and everones thrilled Went I go to heaven - these legends we'll find and there music and memories - will be ours for all time

Yes somewhere in heaven…..There all playing there songs All the angels are dancing – And singing along And when I go to heaven – Well the music won’t end Cause when I go to heaven – I’ll hear them again Yes when I get to heaven (slow down) I’ll see them again…..

(list of stars now gone and then fade out) Ritchie Valens – Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, The big Bopper, Bill Haley, George Harrison, Frank Zappa,Bob Marley, Roy Orbison, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Donna Summer, Kurt Cobain, James Brown, Frankie Lymon, Karen Carpenter, Dusty Springfield, Mama Cass,Brian Jones, Freddy Mercury, Del Shannon, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, bobby darin, Tupac, Selena, James Brown, Mama Cass,Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins, Dennis Wilson, Jackie Wilson,Lesley Gore, Sonny Bono,Gene Pitney, Davey Jones, Bobby Fuller and On and On and On - so Many Stars up in heaven

Newest Verse honoring - - - Bobby Fuller

We lost Bobby Fuller - and still my heart cries another true angel - where we said goodbye He left us to early - but his legend lives on we'll always remember - his music and songs

oh somewhere in heaven - a stars shining bright the angels are dancing - long into the night his musics forever - the great ones live on and when I get to heaven - He'll sing me his songs

New verse honoring Davey Jones

some say not a legend - just maraccas on stage some say just an actor - on a show where he played when he left to early - we all lost a friend hes a legend regardless - and we'll see him again

Oh way up in heaven - hes singing his songs and everyones clapping - and dancing along this daydream believer - Davy Jones - was his name stands tall among others - of Rock and Roll fame

verse honoring Phil Everly

Oh were is Phil Everly - so long sir so long But the music he left us - Forever goes on He left way to early - the duo's now one the duet is silent - Don's brother is gone

Oh Somewhere in heaven - Our Susie still sleeps but us still the living - Bye Bye love we weep at my seat in heaven - On stage he will play and wait for his brother - To join him one day

New verse honoring Ritchie Valens

Oh wheres Ritchie Valens - He left us so young He barely got started - Then this young man was gone God took him so early - His star shines so bright All in heaven are rocking - To La Bamba tonight

Oh Somewhere in Heaven - He's rocking the floor All in heaven are Dancing - And there screaming for more When Heaven does take me - Once again I will see Gods Rock N Roll Angels - Rock again now for me

New Verse honoring Carl Perkins

Please where is Carl perkins? - This cat from the hills a heavens stages rockin - With guitar rift thrills Gods call took him skyward - Now theres rock and roll blues all angels are dancing - In there Blue Suede Shoes

New Verse honoring Jimi Hendrix

He shred like the devil - his guitar did burn He played Foxy Lady - Oh my God heads turned This legend named Jimi - with Hendrix last name Made playing the Guitar - His god claim to fame

Oh rocking in heaven - His hands flying fast His mesmorized music - Will forever last When I get to heaven - They'll be peace, Love and sound Purple Haze up in heaven - Rock and Roll again found!

New Verse honoring Roy Orbison

No one could sing like him - This man in black shades This man had a coolness and calmness in spades And he left to early - Can't believe that he's gone But Roy Orbisons memory - and his legend lives on.

Oh on stage in heaven - This legend will play and Heavenly angels - There toes tap away When I get to heaven - On a seat saved for me When I hear his sweet music - Know in heaven I'll be

New verse honoring George Harrison

Wheres gods newest beatle - hes now up above Transcending to heaven - and filled with Gods love He left us to early - and oh how we cried Its never been easy - when stars say goodbye

Oh somewhere is heaven - A quiet man stands he joined all the legends - in Gods heavenly band He left us to early - This legends passed on George Harrisons Music - Will never be gone

New Verse for JP Richardson (the BIG BOPPER)

Oh wheres the Big Bopper? - He's not in the hall with other great legends - Hes not got the call He left us too early - and his visons came true of Video music - For me and for you

Oh somewhere in heaven - a phone in his hand He sings "Hello Baby" with gods rock and roll band When I go to heaven - like white lightning - I'll find The Big Bopper playing - With Gods band keeping time

New verse for Bill Haley

I just saw a comet - Its still burning bright

Like Bill Haleys music - Rocks first guiding light

He left us to early - This man with the curl

He'll not be forgotten - He is loved by the world

Oh someone in heaven - He won't knock the rock

And EVERYONES dancing - To Rock around the clock

And I'll see him later - This Alligator stands tall

He'll be leading the legends - Of Gods Rock and ROll ball

New verse for Janis Joplin

Has anyone seen Janis? - Rocks heart and rocks soul

Shes far out in Heaven - Where legends all go

She passed away early - So sad was the news

We'll never forget her - her voice or the blues

Yes somewhere in Heaven - emmotion is spent

such feeling and passion - we were heaven sent

And now shes an Angel - But we'll see her once more

When we make it to Heaven - Once more her we'll adore

I had over 100 FB comments yesterday and TODAY and there still coming in about my forever in heaven song - everyone loved it except for one critic who said its waaaaay to long and I agree with him but and please believe me when I say that NOT ALL VERSES have to be sung. it just depends where you sing it (what state and part of the country) you can make the song as short as you want or as LONG as you want. thats the beauty of if. mix and match even. and later if someone else passes away....well...as you can see its easy for me to make a new verse so this song will stay fresh and relavent (its fresh now because of Glen Fry and David Bowie) LikeCommentShare Comments Ken Marth Write a comment...

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