Hello group, I would like to throw something out to play with...

Hello group, I would like to throw something out to play with. I was going to post this in a different group, then decided that since we understand that wealth is about much more than just financial I decided to do it here.

some real shifts have been happening, bringing more clarity and more ideas...

Neville says to "BE the one you wish to BE"

Many of us hear of LOA and more specifically Neville, we begin to realize that we really can create and live our dream life.

So ideas start flowing, we become aware of many desire we are going to focus in on. A sort of, or maybe even a literal, list develops. A 'to do' list

We want this that and the other in this area of life. And in this area of life we really want x and y with some z thrown in. And in this other area of our life same etc.

So, we begin to 'do it'. Sometimes we start with something small, sort of get our feet wet. Then we find all these much bigger desires pressing in. Getting our attention throughout the day, maybe even during our sessions.

So we begin to take that list, and prioritize it.. ok after this I will do this one, then this one, then

This creates some doubt... 'am I doing this right'.. 'am I working on what I should be'.. what if this in this way causes a problem with that etc

Neville says that the ONLY force in existence that can prevent our imaginal acts from not working is doubt.

Now, to bring this back to "BE the one you wish to BE"...

The more I dig into Neville work and Twenty's work, the more I begin to realize that there is a better way. Twenty talks about this often in his articles and on the threads in his groups. (do correct me if I'm wrong about this Mr. Twenty)

If we took all these different things and concepts from the 'to do' list, and began to ponder, what would I be feeling, thinking, doing, if all these were fulfilled.

Looking at it big picture style of all combined, in a whole, rather than each individual piece.

Then, using the sessions to assume the wish fulfilled, living/ BEING the dream life.

Neville describes it along the lines of transforming into a higher level of being. And that there are infinite levels. In other words, once we give up a current level and assume a higher one, that's not the end. From there give up that level and assume an even higher one and so on.

The way I see it, this approach does many things...

1-that big all encompassing desire really gives us something to grab onto, expand and absorb in to. It has so much joy and passion combined that doing the sessions become so filled with joy that doing them is amazing, we find ourselves really looking forward to them.

2-Walking throughout the day in the state of the wish fulfilled becomes much easier. Because there aren't these competing priorities from the to do list and also because of the much higher level of joy, passion experienced in the sessions, it makes it much easier to tap into that throughout the rest of the day.

3-we expand more, allowing all these different desires to happen on their own, naturally. Making it easier for us to stay out of our own way, Especially by that attempting to get involved in the how when we are just focusing on one piece/ desire at a time.

It seems it really allows us to BE and trust in I AM much more freely. That becomes our real focus of the day. Anytime we think of our desires throughout the day, rather than doubt or the temptation of getting involved in the how, our attention just naturally goes to the knowing of I AM and the solid sureness and trust that automatically comes with that.

I am really beginning to 'get' that Neville was trying to get us to understand this. I also think this is what Twenty is trying to get us to understand as well. I admit, often the way Twenty explains things confuses the hell out of me. Beginning to realize that is due to him actually getting me to understand more and at deeper/ higher levels. First we pass through some confusion before we 'get' it.

So, thank you Neville, Twenty and all who participate in these groups. Even those of you who might feel you aren't getting it and yet join in with thoughts, questions or anything else, you are raising the entire group, yourselves included.

Thank you all very much! So basically, GO BIG.

So now the play part...

do you think that this is too global, too big of chunks?

if not, what are some ideas or examples anyone might like to share in regards to how to imply all of this together as in 'assuming the state of the wish fulfilled?

Any other ideas, thoughts about this?

Good one Greg. So in coaching, there is a constant exploration of "the ideal Greg". Sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle. For example, one client this week is building a whole new business - one that is very different from her old one. So....

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What about imagining each desire as separate one? I read many advising to treat each as separate abd dont stir all in one scene

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bhavna4...FOUND IT!!!

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I have been doing this in the last few months due to MM. One main state I go to if I get bumped gets me back on track. I have been playing with this expanded version of myself... who would I be...how would others react....what would my reactions be...how would I feel differently. Who is this specific Sheri with this lifestyle... home...experience etc. I have been exploring and diving deeper finding all these new states. And when something shows up in echoville or if I notice a reaction not aligned with my end I revise and immediately got to my...Go to State. I marinate in it before sleep when I wake up and if I get pumped. So much fun and joy.

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So well put sheri30!!! That's it for me too. I AM is the STATE for me. Thanks for this...

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We explore the ideal "businesswoman" in her a number of different ways. Asking her about her priority for the week, month - and noticing if it is in alignment with "the ideal her".

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ashlee7 and twenty46004...this is the one... Most interesting. Who is the essential me. Who is the I AM I am...

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Then noticing and sometimes helping - her strategies evolve into something much more that her ideal does....

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Side note: Successful business people communicate in language that the prospect / client understands. So we explore that because....

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Unsuccessful people never even THINK to do that - or develop the skill set of doing that. But what is really cool....

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As we explore the new "her", that Ideal business woman - all this exploration and action NATURALLY happens. None of it forced, all of it naturally flowing - in conversation.

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That's my 7 posts worth to start the day with, who's next - ask - play - post. (Just lurking like the masses do - isn't going to get you far.)

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this part here...

"We explore the ideal "businesswoman" in her a number of different ways. Asking her about her priority for the week, month - and noticing if it is in alignment with "the ideal her"."

I like that and is the very thing that got me started along these lines

we often think, mostly due to programming, that to have 'this' in one area of life, then I will have to give up this that and the other in other areas of life. And sometimes that might be the case, sometimes it's just from the negative programming.

So, when we go about applying Neville in way to try and piece our ideal life together, we run into these thoughts.

As a way to deal with those thoughts (which may or may not be true) we often start with prioritizing. Which makes sense usually. Then we start thinking about the other areas of life that might be effected by the desire in another area and this can start some conflicts. Which can lead to the doubts. And then the time between sessions is filled with the second guessing and doubts rather than the attention staying feeling/ knowing the wish fulfilled.

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I guess I'm exploring this...

on any desire, we're not to attempt to direct the how.

yet it sometimes seems, that if we attempt big changes in every area of life, while we might not be attempting the how on any individual one, we do attempt to control how it all fits together. Which feels very similar to attempting to control the how of a single desire.

maybe I'm over thinking this. I just know I have run into this myself and figure others have too.

My next level, I'm exploring this more global approach. Expecting I can stay out of the how on that 'fitting it all together' as well.

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Bingo Greg. How it all fits together is a "how". Global approach is nice. Literally, I almost always start with "identity". Even when Revising activities from the day or past.

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Identity... Cool... I will explore this from that as the foundation.

thank you

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Greg! You did it! I know this state l've been here. It's so easy from there. Just Let it be. Yes The Beatles knew.

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How can one even talk about this?

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Identity as in l am. Again

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I'm finding it like this Daisy...

identity.. at the very core I AM

next layer, I AM imagination that creates reality

next layer into those like.. I AM human.. I AM male etc

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Ah ok yes. Whichone is the realest? Or most important? Cause sometimes l feel like an actor. (often.) like. - I am a woman of this age blablabla. But l'm really more of a God. How can l ever date someone and not be lying? Oh well. I know one person who knows ME nomatter what. Yes. So it is true love and soulmate

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the most important the very core.. then those closest.. the outer ones you could change whenever you want...

like say.. I'm a smoker.. quit smoking and that isn't even part of your identity anymore

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Perhaps l smoke to stay in Contact with outer reality?

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thank ya Daisy.. Love you too

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reading what I wrote, a realization... that model of identity for me is not true

that is a where I'm headed

Honestly, I AM and I am imagination parts probably are not at the core level yet.

I do believe that they are at some level and have been for years now... getting ever closer to what my subconscious would accept as part of my core identity. Not quite there yet though

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Good one mate. Noticing EXACTLY what's going on in consciousness is HUGE. (I know you know that, but for those who.....)

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Simply stating a truth - means you are aware of the truth. Stating a truth - to remind you to notice the truth - progress. Noticing the truth - then stating it.... every cool...

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Noticing exactly what you notice - and how that can grow - nice.

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As I read my words above... they really are inadequate....

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I truly appreciate sacred poetry.... as it's the closest to experience....

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Wow, greg5676 your post at the top felt like you were mind reading me! I understand some of the others and then....

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I've been 'feeling it real', then I forget aspects of the teachings. As if I have a part of me that removes useful information. Like a thought/dream stealer. Really un useful. Then panic sets in as I've completely got in my way, so nothing changes. Interesting.

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I noticed that states of my various wishes fulfilled differ, as if belonging to different persons. Neville's insisting on a state that would round up, include all these wishes fulfilled, came as a logical solution, and it completely satisfied my feeling of that real me, who has all these wishes fulfilled in her life. What's more, that blending of wishes feels more natural and more resourceful, bringing out the right leads towards their fulfillment. So I try to expand the story of my life into various aspects, areas. The same me drives great car, lives in the house of my dreams, enjoys the good looks, health and fitness, has great friends, and great career, and love and happiness... It simply fits more naturally and much more easily.

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