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Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the world's oldest form of medicine dating back more than 2,500 years. TCM theory is based on the belief that when a person’s vital life force “Chi” & blood flows smoothly throughout the body, meridians & organs, it establishes a balance between the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical realms. When this flow and balance is upset, disease and illness arise.

TCM diagnosis for a illness would involve identifying the organs & body meridians affected, that leads to the disease. This is then followed by various prescribed ways to clear Chi blockages or/and nourish the weak organs & meridians. Treatment can come in various forms including acupuncture, tuina, cupping, meridian massage, guasha or/and herbal medicine ingestion.

Since ancient times, herbs had been used as part of TCM treatment. These may be prescribed in many forms including ingestion of herbal brew/ powder/ pills, rubbing ointment/ oils & even aromatherapy.

These healing herbs provides the external energy needed to unblock Chi blockages of affected meridians and restore Chi & blood flow. Typically various herbs will be combined in a certain proportion formula to enhance each other's desirable properties and minimize any potential side effect. That’s why it’s rare to encounter single herb being used on its own for TCM treatment.

With modern bio-technology, these TCM herbal blends are now available in the form of essential oils (EO). Similar to herbal brews, a good and effective TCM EO is a blend of various herbal oils in certain proportion formula to ensure that the main herb is enhanced for its healing properties & any side effects neutralised.

Why TCM Essential Oils?

This is because with the right TCM EO, you will be able to energise the body meridians within 2 minutes of topical application. With some basic training, even the everyday person can learn how to use these oils properly to deal with common health ailments. Quick response to these health ailments prevent the health condition from deteriorating and prevent development into chronic condition. In addition as we age, many of our stomach system becomes weak making oral ingestion method less effective and taking a longer time to work.

Can we mix our own TCM oil blend?

Anything is possible. However a properly manufactured blend of TCM oil saves you the hassle of buying lots of individual oils & mixing it yourself. Then, there is the matter of proportion. You may find yourself having to make up a big batch just to get the TCM formulation proportion right. In addition, some herbal oils are not so easily available. If the manufacturer is reputable, you can be assured of the oil quality and the blending process. Personally I’d rather spend more time on the treatment and leave the oil mixing to the experts!!!

How do you look for a good TCM Essential Oil (EO)?

I would be using the AVITA TCM EO to illustrate since I use it a lot to enhance my acupressure massage & guasha treatment.

A herbal brew is only as effective as the formulation of herbs put together by your TCM physician. So understanding the people who created these TCM EO is important. Are they people who just randomly mix a few EO together without understanding the true TCM concept of balance or are they concocted by people who are TCM trained.

For example, the AVITA TCM EO is created through the painstaking research of Yang Ming Taiwan university professors who specialise in TCM treatment & research. The herbal oil blends are properly balanced & designed to energise specific meridians in the body. Even their simple carrier oil Vital Meridian is made out of 20 different types of herbs, suitable to be used all over the body and when combined with other main oils, boost their efficacy.

Next thing to check is what the oils designed for. If it’s designed for acupressure massage & guasha, then it must penetrate quickly into the body meridians to energise them. The oils should quickly seep into the body and the amount applied should not be more than 4-5 drops if it’s for acu-point application.

Check on the company manufacturing these EO. Currently in the market, you may come across various TCM EO. For example when I research into the avita oils, I found that AVITA is a 11-year old Singapore company. The Singapore brand is well known for quality, honesty & integrity. I also found out that the avita TCM EO series resulted from the collaboration between AVITA & Yang Ming Taiwan university. Every year the professors even visit Singapore to upgrade the meridian therapy skills and EO knowledge of its Meridian Therapy practitioners.

Can everyone use these TCM EO?

Yes, they can. However I would highly recommend that new users learn some basic meridian therapy to fully benefit from the goodness of these EO. Acupressure massage & Guasha is easy to learn with the proper guidance and the right tools.

Thanks to company like Essentially Meridian (essentiallymeridian.com), these skills can now be easily learned in a 2-hour workshops in many countries. Practitioners who already know acupressure massage & guasha will be able to learn very quickly on how to incorporate these oils & enhance the efficacy of their treatment.

How does avita TCM oil different from other EO?

I do not believe there’s a good basis to compare them properly asides from you testing them & comparing the results for yourself. Many EO are created for various purposes & many of them are single oils. Although they do have pre-mixed blends, whether these oils can work well for meridian therapy, you will need to check with the seller or experience for yourself. Do read the precaution on these oils as many of them would warn against applying the oils directly onto the skin without some form of carrier oil to dilute them.

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