Hi! So on one hand really cool bridges for me..I do congratulatory...

Hi! So on one hand really cool bridges for me..I do congratulatory convos for friendship & these are the cool bridges: Invited to keep in touch & hang out over summer with a colleague but felt she isn't a match so made an excuse (but, we'll see) invited to go over to hers with some other friends of hers later this summer for her birthday by another temp colleague who I kinda clicked with & she usually chose to sit next to me at lunchtimes! And SHE asked ME to exchange numbers. I texted two "Hey! Vina" (female friendship app) girls and BOTH of them replied pretty much immediately and now THEY want to meet me and hang out with me ASAP. So this is really really awesome cos one of my buns is BFFs (best female friends - close female friendships both groups and one-to-one. But now my feelings of shyness & inferiority and all that CRAP are kicking in a bit. The girl who wants me to come to her birthday is a lot younger than me I don't FEEL like she is but I started to worry a bit and like will her friends think like what's that aunty type doing here? Plus I haven't met the other two yet, even though I click with them in the messages. So, I guess what I am asking is what ideas do you have for shyness, feelings of inferiority? I just had a thought that some people DO have age gap friends and LOVE it it doesn't matter I KINDA know that but part of me is like aargh! I chatted to a guy I have a crush on who is a dating coach & hypnotist & he said how he is basically a hippie as are his parents yet he mixes with people who have all this money and power & he just sees them as normal people. And then I am like WOW I want THAT kind of mindset, rather than feeling intimidated?? Also an issue in my love life. So while I am really excited about these bridges and eager to meet all 3 women & that one's friends too, I'd love some tips on how to feel more confident and on an equal footing. Thanks!! One thing I thought is maybe one of my states could be confident friend.?? Do you think so?


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