Hoping someone might have some more clear information for me...

Hoping someone might have some more clear information for me as it seems the agent I was corresponding with may not have been giving me the correct information. My Indonesian fiancé and I are getting married in Australia and then I will be relocating to Bali to both live and work.

I am planning to take up work as a freelance dj working in restaurants, lounge bars, night clubs and private functions such as birthdays and weddings etc.

The agent I was corresponding with led me to believe that "As concerns working, the Immigration Law No. 6 of 2011 in Article 61 gives foreigners who are married to Indonesians the right to work to support their family. So long as you are not engaged in a permanent employment relationship with a company where they would need a permit to employ you, you should be ok to to offer your services on short-term contracts or consultancy. If you want to work as an employee, we can arrange a Work Permit for you after the KITAS is all settled."

I am just trying to get info on the best way to allow myself to legally work djing in Bali. I don't intend to be contracted to one company specifically but may do ongoing work with 5+ companies.

Thanks in advance for any help provided!

Have they told you how much this will cost? I know it’s not cheap, but believe Billy may be doing the same. Speak to him

I know that a freelance entertainment kitas all inclusive is approx 25 million per 6 months. Just trying to see if there is any other options

Even that is borderline there are no such things as freelance entertainment imta. Work permits are usually for management positions and experts. On a Work permit you can only work for one company and only get paid by that company.

That's interesting as the entertainment kitas is something that several other djs have told me about along with multiple agents and even directly at immigrasi in Bali

The Kitas is the staying permit, the imta is the work permit, maybe that is some kind of weird under the table agreement with the immigration in Bali. Theory and reality are two different things in Indonesia, but I am pretty sure there are no freelance entertainment work permits, the ministry of manpower goal is knowledge transmission in between foreign workforce and local workforce, there is a minimum employee requirement to obtain an IMTA and so on.

An IMTA is tied to a company and to a job.

I'm not sure specifically. But I have spoken with djs and agents advising me that this particular kitas would allow me to work for any company on a freelance basis and that it is only good for 6 months at a time after which I have to reapply. They advised me that once married I can reapply / renew without leaving Indonesia but otherwise I would need to do a "visa run" before being able to come back for another 6 months

You mix Kitas and imta. But there are definetely no imta for freelancers, your best option is to be on a spouse Kitas and use your right to work for your family living as a freelancer. But it is not always clear in the law whether you need to be on Kitas or kitap for that.

To have an IMTA you need a contract from a company.

benjamin91 thanks for the info. This is what I'm trying to find out. The agent I was corresponding with before led me to believe that was the case. Using my right to work for my family. I'm just trying to find out exactly what is involved and the cost so I can better prepare myself. The agent I was dealing with has stopped responding to my emails so i'm trying to gather info on my own unless someone can recommend someone who can assist me.

Shannon Scully better you do your Kitas by yourself, less than 10Mio for a year. Once this done be sure to be paid as a freelancer not an employee then do not forget to report taxes.

Actually your wife should be the one applying as your sponsor.

But this is still a gray area, there are plenty of topics about that. The best would be for your wife to create a PT and have employees...

benjamin91 any idea what the cost is involved in that? I have been given a lot of different info on that too. Some have told me it's less than 20 million, others have told me it's 100 million plus and that you need at least 100 million in the bank extra

The cost of creating a PT is around 30jt but after in order to be able to hire foreigners you need to have a medium sized one that requires 1Bln minium capital invested and there is a minimum number of employee required. Other option is a PT PMA but price is insane and business sector are limited.

After the problem is are foreigners allowed to work as djs?

That I am not sure as it is something considered doable by locals.

I know a lot of foreigners working as djs in Bali so I don't believe that is an issue

Well, deportation is never far away trust me.

I'm pretty sure their imta is not dj.

Not sure but I know many have been working for many years without issue and I know that immigrasi regularly check clubs etc for that thing

Maybe they are event managers something like that and if there's an immigration check they'll be in trouble.

benjamin91 not sure but I have been there when immigrasi has checked their info and they've been given the all clear so they're obviously doing something right or bribing very well!

shannon586 OK if you say so but I have serious doubts or the clubs have long pockets.

I heard second option can happen in Indonesia ?

You should ask your dj friends about that then they must know better.

benjamin91, it's possible to make DJ kitas and in imta will be written disc jockey

valter69 you still need a company to provide the IMTA, no freelancing.

And these contracts will be on the company behalf not his after the arrangement between the company and himself, it is something different.

Still amazed that disc jokey can be a title on IMTA.

i know a guy Djs here nad he is entertainments manager, cannot be disc jockey, also club he worked at has very deep pull wiht Immigrasi, here in Lombok as Sales and Marketing I was able to play at our in house events as long as trainign a local DJ along side me.

valter69, did the ImTA issued to a Company (with a Company RPTKA)?

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From. My understanding, that kitap your talking about is only available after 2 years of marriage it's basicly permanent residency valid for 5 years and the next stage after a spouse visa. Which allows u to work as a consultant only.

After 2 years of marriage this visa will be available to you and as per indonesian law your allowed to work on it as a consultant for the means of supporting Ur family, however if u work for one business only u still need the working visa. The cost is a 1 year spouse visa is 9jt this visa will not allow u to work on it at all, after 2 years u can apply for the second stage of it which is a kitap visa valid for 5years at a cost of about 40jt this is the visa Ur allowed to work consulting on.

As an aprox cost, family visa is the first one before the permanent visa

Actually it might work with Kitas too, there are some discussion on forums, because you are not considered as a foreign worker you have to abide by a different law with your spouse status.

benjamin91 from what I was informed on the spouse kitas I'm not allowed to perform work, but can on the pr visa as a consultant only.

But again who knows with this system lol

There are plenty of forum threads about that, nobody knows the truth, by plain translation of the law, Kitas or kitap are no difference on that be subject. But still a gray area, better get an IMTA.

The law that applies is that as the head of your family you should be able to provide money.

Spouse kitap 40juta???? Lol. I did myself and payed only 5,5 juta with 2 years merp! And yes, not allowed to work with kitap. If you want to work you need to get IMTA. That’s why many foreigners open a business on their spouse name and help on the background which is allowed

Yeah that 40jt is a scam from agents. Admin fees are more or less the same as kitas!

benjamin91 the sktt is also funny which you can get for free at catatan civil, they charge 500.000 lol. My wife would be happy to help these foreigners for half of the price ?.

inse8 if u read what I said, I said the permanent residency visa is 40jt not spouse which I also said was about 9jt with a agent

Is it? “after 2 years u can apply for the second stage of it which is a kitap visa valid for 5years at a cost of about 40jt this is the visa Ur allowed to work consulting on.”

Kitap or as you like to say permanent residency visa for 5 years + 2 years merp is 5,5juta. Kitas with merp is 2,1juta. Kitap lifetime is 11juta and this is all without IMTA which you need for working.

It's not so much a second stage but another seperate visa, which allows a 5 year stay with all the goodies and allows U to work as a consultant in bali

inse8 is right.

scott8013 I had a IMTA, immediately I got my spousal KITAS. There is no 2 years waiting, in fact......

benjamin91 "The law that applies is that as the head of your family you should be able to provide money." True, but Labour law state clearly that a company have to get an IMTA to hire a foreigner. So Yes you can do some work for private people, help your wife in her warung and all kind of informal work. But as soon you are in relation to a company the IMTA is required.

A couple of points....not one of we foreigners, unless already wni, is head of our family (look at your KK.). So that clause about providing for the family, is inapplicable. Also, saying you have a duty to provide is hardly a blanket permission to do whatever work you like, of course you have to comply with all other existing laws.

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Every company who hires a foreigner needs to have a working permit (IMTA) for this foreigner. No exceptions made. No difference between hugh factories or a lounge bar or club. The only office which can and inform you correctly will be Depnakertrans (Labour department). You can find their office for example in Denpasar.

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A foreigner cannot work free lance for a company.

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New rules are on the way, announced by the president. Let's see and hope that these rules will be more clear and easy to understand so that we as foreigners with good will to contribute to the Indonesian workforce can do that on a more safe base. Right now no one seems to know the rules, not even Depnaker.

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The new regulations will not change the base for getting a working permit, which are in general very clear, only often wrongfully explained by so called "middle men" to make money. The new regulations are only to simplify the administrative procedure.

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Contact , he knows exactly how it works

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So much wrong information here.

First your require a sponsor, this will either be a full time employer or a visa agent who has the permission to sponsors DJ’s on there Company structure.

Second you require both a Kitas( extended stay permit) and an Imta (work permit)

The agent can organise both of these. The imta will be for a disc jockey there is no such thing as a free lance work permit. It’s the agents sole responsibility by Le to manager who you work for but this doesn’t happen. Once u have the paper work you will be able to contract to venues as a Dj within the scope of your imta

You can apply for a spouse Kitap after 2 years of being married but u must register your marriage with immagration for the 2 year period to commence.

The cost including flights to Singapore to process your visas will be approx 26mil every six months.

You can’t just work anywhere, that is determined by the dept of manpower and what cities they allocate on your imta. But if your only wanting bali u will be ok, as this region will always be on the imta. Some of the local islands may not be and you will now need a contract with the venue to have those regions added to your imta at the time of application.

If you don’t have a good visa agent let me know and I’ll hook you up with one.

jos96262 no the department of manpower list the cities you can work at as a Dj. We can’t play anywhere we want. If it’s not listed at the time of application you can’t work there. They have cracked down on the Dj industry in the past year and are allowing less and less cities because most western DJs don’t perform in many places other than bali anyway. Someone like myself that gets booked accords the country regularly has more cities than those that don’t and I must supply contracts in advance to have those cities on my imta. If I don’t I can’t work there.

seanie80 manpower charge a tax of 100 usd per month on the imta. They call it tax and it’s not the same as wages tax.

The infrastructure for work permits here is an absolute nightmare. It’s hard to understand at the best of times. The music industry has different from other industries and that’s what you need to understand. I’m not quoting anything n visa or work permits for any occupation other than a DJ.

jos96262 yes tha s correct but if you don’t have a contract in place for say a venue in samarinda they will no longer allow it onnyour inta. They have become strict on this.

jason3 for other companies (in Lombok) that manpower charge is to allegedly train a local. And paid in dollars.. upfront..

seanie80 yes that’s correct and it’s same in bali.

seanie80 not sure how much training actually happens though as I’ve never heard of any

Some of us are Lawyers AND DJs? (although ironically neither in Indonesia /sad face)

jason3 it is the same.. only I can proof that that I need to have the possibility to bring my guests through whole Indonesia. If I cannot proof this then I only get a IMTA for the region. If you can proof by contract where you need to work you will get that area added to your IMTA when you apply for a new one.... the rules are all the same only the job description is different.

seanie80 I think DJ's get paid more than Lawyers.

rachel0 In my sales and marketing roles I'm lucky if I a tually get paid or a signed contract, or fulfill the entirety of my kitas terms... Effing bules?

My region is on the company RPTKA, my IMTA is based on that. The RPTKA lists the regions, not my IMTA.

Jason, thats exactly what i said.

jos96262 yes that’s correct. Sadly for a Dj a club won’t issue a contract without a valid inta. So your very lucky in your industry. We in the other hand have to do a tonne of bargaining prior to application with the clubs to get the cities added

rachel0 that’s different for a Dj we don’t have a RPTKA like you do

jason3 Im learning more and more.

The whole enquiries was for a dj Kitas and imta so I don’t get why people are quoting rules and regulations of other industries when they are all clearly different to each other

jason3 I think because this is news to everyone. We did not know there was an industry that had different rules.

same same, but different

rachel0 that’s good. It’s hard when every industry has different rules people get confused and think they know everything. I can only advise on the Dj industry as I work within it.

guy8 yeah from what I read here it feels like djs have special status in Indonesia lol.

jason3 So, maybe we should get back to the OP and sumarize what you have advised as you are the only one here that works in the industry and knows it.

Your advice to shannon586 would be dont get a spousal KITAS as he wont be able to do what you do and work as a DJ as he needs his KITAS and IMTA sponsored by an Agent?

As that is what he wanted to know, is it legal for him to work as a DJ under his wifes KITAS. You are saying no, but it is legal for him to work as a DJ under a "Special KITAS and IMTA".

And that if he goes to Manpower and Immigration they will give him this exact advice?

Did I get that right?

rachel0 all the industry’s that are available for foreign workers have different regulations to suit the need of the country’s development. The general Kitas and imta process is all the same but regulations attached to the imta vary from trade to trade

Benjamin Roos I don’t know that’s it’s special it’s just customised to suit the industry. A Resturant employes a chief full time where as a club does not. So artists move from venue to venue. Also a chief doesn’t tour to restaurants in Borneo Jakarta and Surabya etc selling out seats in restaurants where as a Dj does. A DJ can bring growth within the industry in multiple cities or venues at one week where a specialist chief or engineer normally work at one location. Remember we are here to assist the growth and education of indonesia therefor each industry’s rules are different according to the country’s needs

rachel0 ok I’ve spoken to Shannon but I’ll break it down here so you can understand.

1 go to a visa agent who is allowed to issues sponsorship for a Dj ( ive given him details of a reputable agency)

1 the agent will A) organise a spouse Kitas ( not a KETAP) B organise sponsorship for his IMTA (work permit from manpower through his visa agent) C lodge all applications and organise both the Kitas and imta.

After registering his marriage and waiting 2 years the visa agent will then apply for a kITAP for him where he will no longer require a imta and can work in the entertainment industry with the sponsorship of his wife only.

jason3 Ahh, I misunderstood, thank you, so he can have a spousal KITAS. I think this is the most important step. I think he should just organise that himself. No need for an agent, his wife can do that easily.

Then he can ask Immigration and Manpower about your advise.

guy8 a chief is employed by a sole employer not an agency so he can only work for than t employer at their establishments. He can not be subcontracted out to other restaurants where a Dj can be so the imta registrations are clearly different for each industry

I am sure i am not alone, in saying WHAT? After 2 years a dj can be in spousal kitas and work for companies with no imtas? Lets get 1 thing straight. Did you get this from anyone else, or just your agent? Serious question. Backup info needed, please!

kesha99 correct but they still require an inta until they have a Kitap as u know. That was the Confusuon

guy8 That could* stem form the Immigration departments interpretation of Formal and Informal work.

Jason, not really each industry, so much as different employment situations. Most industries fall under sole employer (as you call it), some under agencies...... consulting..... i cant think of anything else.

You can apply directly for a family kitas, just not allowed the kitap untill 2 years if you are a male, a foreign female married to an Indonesian can apply straight away for the kitap after getting the family kitas.

guy8 the registrations where changed over two years ago allowing forgin males to apply for a Kitap and work under the wife’s SPonsorship in certain industries only. A Dj a chief and a kitchen hand come under this law, I’m not sure what other industry does but I recall it’s very limited to the entertainment and restaurant industry

guy8 but you can only have an imta for one employer. The agent is the DJs employer by law

Seanie, firstly its manpower not immigration..... i know what you mean, but its certainly normally clear that if you do anything for, in, or with a company, they are employing you. Bear in mind, this is a law about employers, not employees so much, its about a company being allowed to pay a foreigner to do something for them....

guy8 I’ve replied but I’ll try find the relaxant documentation for you. This is when you come off a Kitas and go onto a ketap.

Nope, I have worked without an imta on the family kitas previously and was cleared by immigration performing multiple places in Indonesia but it's just more complicated so I chose to make the imta as a supporting document to save having to teach them their own rules haha

Jason, absolutely not. Under spousal kitas/p you can get any job, any industry, that can get an imtas for you. You are right on one thing, it started a couple of years ago.

guy8 yes correct, Head of immigration Lombok (word of mouth, i know) has stated to numerous expat friends, Once you are married we do not care any more due ot article 61 a

guy8 with no imta>? (after kitap)

Ahh so your agent is your employer. That was the bit I wss getting stuck on. Who employed you.

Had lunch and a pee, and you lot are still at it ???? TMI ?

rachel0 I am employed by M visa services

It makes sense now.?

seanie80 as Kesha stated yes u can work without the Imta but it causes a lot of confusion across the country. It’s best to have the imta also

rachel0 phew ?

so in two years expect 45 year old me to make yet another djing comeback...

seanie80 wearing white flared jeans? ?

if theyre in sure, but i never wore flares

Please note there are both formal And informal occupations when it comes to a KITAp and this may help resolve some sort f the confusion as to if u need or should attain a imta when u have a KITAP

  1. Yes, you can. If for a PT company, you have to add a Work Permit to your KITAP. For informal work you would not need a Work Permit (see some examples below).

(2) The KITAP is the basic document. I guess depending on the employer he/she may require KK and KTP too. By the way, you are required to have both the KK and KTP Orang Asing. These documents usually are free but if you apply for them late (around 60 days afer the issuance of he KITAP), there may have a penalty.

(3) No, you don't need a work KITAS or a work KITAP.

(tranlation from http://percaindonesia.com/catatan-so...-7-maret-2015/, about a meeting with Manpower officers and PERCA Indonesia, which is an association of Indonesian married with foreigners) [..... A) Holders of KITAS/KITAP sponsored by spouse are allowed to work in the company during a full worl permit, including having IMTA. ? Foreigner workers cannot work in two different places (the same profession or different) EXCEPT investor / commissioner of PMA (If one works in three places the number of IMTA must also be 3). C) If the activities of the foreign worker are in more than 1 place / province then he/she must have inter-provincial IMTA. D) Case: Husband / wife of a mixed marriage with cuisine chef background want to open a small café, with a small seating area is classified as a small business and does not require IMTA. When this business grows crowded and large, than it is necessary to have operating permits from the relevant authorities. When the businesses becomes a legal entity, then this foreign worker must have IMTA. E) Case: Foreign husband of a mixed marriage is already retired. Enters Indonesia with VOA and becomes an investor in a hotel in Bali. Once in a while he does work behind the scenes such as checks on the financial controll department. With such conditions, it means the husband has been conducting work in Indonesia and must have KITAS and IMTA, because even not all the time he is working. F) A foreigner in a mixed marriage with KITAS sponsored by wife. Working from home and having online businesses. Does not have an office and legal business such as PT or PMA. Because this foreigner is conducting work even though he only works online so this foreigner must have the IMTA. This foreigner also cannot sign work contracts in Indonesia on behalf of himself. G) A foreigner who works and own business as an acupuncturist, must obtain an official recommendation from the local health office before doing business and work activities. If already have a recommendation from the relevant authorities, the foreign must have the IMTA to be able to work in Indonesia. H) A foreigner holder of KITAS/KITAP sponsored by spouse is allowed to work in Indonesia. The need of IMTA is to be seen from what the job, workings for a legal entity or not, small or large business.

CONCLUSION: Although the Immigration Act 6 of 2011 Article 61 states that the holder of a Limited Stay Permit and Permanent Stay Permit can work and/or do business to make ends meet for him/her and/ for his/her family, but still has to refer back to the Labour Law No. 13 year 2003 and Permenakertrans No. 12 year 2013, which essentially mean that a foreign worker in a mixed marriage is allowed to work without a work permit if in the informal sector, freelance or have a small business which is not a legal entity. When working in a legal entity then MUST have IMTA.]

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With marriage kitas yes u can work to support ur familly...but u still need imta provide by company...and that not applied for DJ

That’s what I’m trying to explain to them. To work as a Dj they need to do what everyone else does for 1st 2 years

jason3 correct

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Article 61 a as far as I know, only applies to men.

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